Friday, October 8, 2010

Bundle Babysitting Boogers Boobs and Birthdays

Warning: Extremely random post with no real connection

Bundle Update:  Geesh I feel like such a slacker when it comes to keeping this blog updated about my sweet little bundle girl.  Her big bro is just keeping me so busy, that I seriously forget I am pregnant all of the time.  However, lil miss is reminding me she is there now.  She is moving all over the place.  In fact, dada felt her do a flip flop across my stomach the other day. It was the first time he had really felt her, and I think she was just showing off for him.  It made us both smile.  I have to admit it is great feeling those little kicks again.  They are so different than the "phantom kicks" I experienced after Caleb.  I love how she will just randomly poke me and remind me that she is growing safe.  I love her so much already.  
I am also being reminded that I am once again prego by the weight that is currently piling onto my mid section.  Did I mention I gained 6 POUNDS in ONE MONTH!!!! Ahhh.  My doctor was excited and told me I was finally gaining weight, and when she told me how much I about died.  She laughed and assured me that this is normal, and that my weight gain with Caleb's pregnancy was not normal.  However, I hope that the racking on of pounds comes off just as easily.  This little girl is bound and determined to make her mama grow a belly.  Given I have only gained 7 lbs so far, but still hopefully it slows down a bit.  
We are now 20 weeks/2 days shy of 21 weeks.  Half way there.  I had a moment the other day when I realized that Caleb turned 14 months and that he will be 18 months when bundle arrives. OMG that is 4 months away! It seems like forever when you think of Feb. but when you put it into your baby age terms it seems so soon.  I still have my moments of shock thinking about having 2 under 2, but at the same time I can't wait to hold sweet girl and enjoy the newborn snuggles once again.  

First time hubby felt Mckinlee move.  We have the same picture with Caleb. 
20 week belly.  Ignore my unmade bed.

Babysitting:  The first nanny position that I was in the running for did not work out :(.  I have to admit I was really bummed. I have an interview today for another position at 6.  It seems almost perfect except for wages. I hate talking money, but that is the point of working.  Hopefully we can agree on a price, and I will have a new job.  I'll keep you posted.

Boogers: Ughh.  If I never see another snotty, scaly, runny nose again it will be to soon.  Poor Caleb has had a runny nose for over 2 weeks now.  The first was related to his second top tooth popping through, but now I think it is more seasonal.  His nose is running, and he is coughing because he is so congested. I am talking coughing that is keeping him up at night.  Last night was interesting. He woke up around 2:30 so congested and coughy that he was miserable. We cuddled in the rocking chair for a while. I held him down while he screamed and salined and sucked out his nose.  However, he still was miserable.  We ended up getting into the bathtub together at 3 am in hopes that the warm water would help his breathe easier.  My little man just cuddled on my chest in the tub like he used to as a little baby and cried.  He was so miserable and it made me feel so bad for him.  He is feeling better today, still congested, still coughing, still fighting me when I try to clean his nose.  However, I am hoping that it is nothing serious. I am going to watch it for a couple of more days before I rush him into the doctor.

Boobs:  So my boobs are already leaking colostrum.  They have been for about 3 weeks? Oh wait you don't remember that I have boobs that begin producing way early in pregnancy? Yep, they are the same boobs that leaked for 20 plus weeks before Caleb and then only worked for 3 weeks after he was born. They pretty much suck.  However, they started even earlier this time around.  I have to admit that the skin to skin in the bath last night accompanied by a crying baby had my boobs leaking like a fountain.  I swear I could have filled 5 ml in a bottle.  If pumping didn't start contractions I would pump it and put the colostrum in Caleb's milk to help keep him healthy this flu season.  Hopefully this time around the boobs will work after bundle girl arrives. 

Birthdays:  Today is hubby's 25th birthday.  We are headed to UK tomorrow to tailgate and celebrate. Happy birthday babe!!

To keep with the randomness of this post I will leave you with pics of my yucky feeling boy.  Even though these pics of him at the park will make you think otherwise. 



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I will pray for your boobs ;)

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Your bump is so cute!!

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Is that the soccer shirt I got him for his birthday? So cute! I can't believe how grown up he looks!


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i like the part with the baby XD :D !