Monday, October 25, 2010

Caleb G and The Great Pumpkin Adventure

This weekend our family visited the same pumpkin patch two times.  All because this mama is silly and forgot that it is now getting dark before 9:30, and my camera died, and we all know that you can not go to a pumpkin patch without a camera.  Basically, to avoid a hormonal pregnant emotional breakdown we decided that we would try the pumpkin patch again on Sunday, and I am so glad we did. 

We shared the great experience with Nick's cousins and their babies and my MIL and SIL.  It was so much fun and was by far the greatest pumpkin patch I have ever been to!!
My child loves to sit with pumpkins.  I mean he is obsessed.  He would take off and push pumpkins out of his way to sit between them.  I have to admit it was adorable!

Enjoying the patch with Aunt Abby (who is by far Caleb's favorite person of all time. I think he loves her more than me)
 The face we can never say no to!
 This is him with his cousin Baylee.  Notice the outfit difference?  Yep this was taken Friday night about 2 minutes before my camera died. 
 Just chillin with the pumpkins again
This pumpkin patch also had a petting zoo.  They had everything from Camels to llamas.  It was hilarious because I was telling Caleb all the different sounds the animals make.  When we got to the llama he looked at me like "what sound?".  I smiled and made a spitting sound.  He just laughed.  He was a lot like me with the animals. He loved to look at them, but God forbid they try to touch him.  He would pull his hand back so quick.  Like mother like son :). 
 Again with his favorite person enjoying the animals. 
Next we took a hayride up to the pumpkin patch.  It was Caleb's first hayride, and he enjoyed it for about five minutes. Then he spent the rest of the time ticked off because we would not let him down.  Hmmm it is crazy how a 14-month-old can not understand that they would fall to their death if they were allowed to run around the back of a truck.  I mean can't they understand reasoning??  No??? Really?? I guess that is why they throw tantrums when they do not get their way. 
 Even though he was totally upset on the hayride, the corn maze solved that problem.  We allowed him to lead the way, and I swear we were in there for forever.  He lead us all the way to the back.  It was so cute to watch him choose the path, and walk like such a big man.
 After the corn maze him and his favorite person in the world enjoyed sharing a funnel cake.  Look at those cheeks.  He was obsessed.  Probably another reason why she is his favorite person ever. 
 After all that adventure it was time to pick a pumpkin.  He was amazed by all the pumpkins, and I think checked out every single one. 

Finally one was chosen
 However, not before he decided to lay down in the dirt, booty in the air, and fill his pants full of poop. I mean like stinky man poop. It was hilarious, but we were in a predicament because diaper and wipes were in the truck back at the beginning of the farm. Therefore, our little man had to chill in his poo for a little while. Generally that does not bother him, but add being crazy tired to the mix, and the fact that he once again had to sit still on a hayride and you get......

Notice what finger of hubby's he is holding onto.  You think he was trying to tell us something?? :)