Thursday, October 14, 2010

Take Me Out To the Tailgate!

This past weekend was Caleb's first real UK tailgate.  Last year when he was a wee little baby we took him for his "first tailgate", but with his young age and the cool weather we never really ventured outside.

 This is what he spent most of his time last year doing. 
 However, this year, this year was perfect.  He was sporting his UK jersey, the weather was amazing, family was in town, and we were celebrating hubby's birthday.  Everything was set up for the perfect tailgate, and that it was. 

 By the end of the tailgate this is what Caleb looked like. Yes, I had the baby running around in a watermelon stained onesie.  However, the worst part was that he smelled of beer and makers mark because he accidentally spilled two drinks all over him.  Ughh.  All in good tailgate fun I guess. 

This is a regular from my old restaraunt in college and his love. They have amazing parking spots in the blue lot for games, and it is always so fun to stop by and see them.


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Ms. J said...

Looks like fun!! I wish we had a fun college team like that! You Kentucky fans seem to always have a blast with these games!