Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Do Your Ears Hang Low?

So first of all I have to mention that I really do not like nor do I understand the saying "having your ears lowered".  I always hated when people used to say that to me.  However, this past weekend we did just that to Caleb.  It all began on Saturday when we traveled to a first birthday party...

I dressed Caleb that day in a pair of jeans, a white shirt with a blue motorcycle on it, blue shoes, and he had a blue binky.  Very boyish attire if you ask me.  Anyway, once we arrived at the party I can say that seriously about 15-20 people told me how beautiful "she" was.  We were sitting in the living room and all the older people there were talking to each other about how "she" was the most beautiful little "girl" they had ever seen.  How they loved "her" eyes and eyelashes, and how "her" hair was soo beautiful.  They then referred to "her" as a porcelain doll.  Now, I know that people saying your child looks like a doll is suppose to be a compliment, however, they were talking about a "she", and my little man totally has a tee tee in his pants.  They then proceeded to ask me "her" name and when I said Caleb, they said "Oh that is different for a girl".  I was in such shock that I could not even correct them. I mean I know my child is BEAUTIFUL, but he is a boy! He has a tee tee not a cho cha!!
I have to admit that I had a small mental meltdown.  Given I had been up till 5 am at the white trash bash, and Caleb had woke up at 5:30 am, and therefore I had very very little sleep.  However, I gave in to the fact that it was time to cut my little mans locks for the very first time. It was time to cut my precious baby hair that will never be there again :(.  I had big plans to take him to a Kiddy hair salon for his first cut and have him sit in a cool car chair.  However, that salon was already closed, and would not be open again until Tuesday.  I simply could not wait, because I swore that day that if one more person called him a girl I would go off. I mean don't they realize that once little bundle arrives she will be all "GIRLY" fantastic all the time. I can assure you she will not have a motorcycle shirt on with blue jeans!! Grr.  Do they not realize that if Caleb was a girl he would have a huge bow in his hair with a fully accessorized outfit to match. I mean gosh. 

Anway, Hubby and I found a salon that was avaliable and took Caleb for his very first hair cut. He hated the robe they slip over you, but other than he did pretty great. He was not a fan of her trying to clip his bangs so he got his very first taste of a lollypop. All the while I am telling Daddy the importance of holding onto the lollypops stick because it is a huge choking hazard. However, it did keep him still until she finished. My little man is so cute, shorter hair and all.

This was his before hair 
After. Not a huge change, but it is tamed. I believe he looks all boy now!


Meant to be a mom said...

Although caleb is absolutely adorable with gorgeous hair I just don't see where these people got so confused. Long hair or even boys with curls does not automatically mean girl. He looks like a boy to me. But oh well. Some people are just silly sometimes. I know what you mean though, that has to have been irritating.

P.S. Have I ever told you that Cooper still absolutely loves his little bath crane duck toy you gave us in the drawing. He still laughs when I bring it out. :)

The Dimino's said...

He so does not even look like a "SHE"!! I get that all the time with Brady too though!! But I ALWAYS correct them!!
I mean do you see a bow or a pink dress??? Brady always is wearing blue, green or brown!!

Krista said...

Hey! I am leaving you a Lovely Blog Award for your lovely blog.


Check it out!

Also, Caleb's haircut is adorable!

Elizabeth Taylor said...

Owen gets called SHE all the time. He could bevwearing a shirts with a big football on it, and still be called a girl- but I am not ready to cut off his baby curls. Just not ready- so I keel correcting all these crazy people who call him a SHE. :)