Wednesday, October 27, 2010

23 Week Bundle

I have to make a confession.  I could not remember if I was 23 or 24 weeks prego.  In fact, last night hubby and I were looking in What to Expect, and I asked him how many weeks I was.  We both thought 24.  Haha We were wrong.  I am 23.  Geesh prego brain. 

Bundle is doing great at 23 weeks.  She is a mover. All over my belly all the time.  Love it.  My belly has gotten a lot bigger, and I can tell that it has moved up past my belly button.  I have the full on baby bump now. 

This past week has been crazy with a sick little boy, and a hurt dog (post to come).  I promise mama knows you are there and loves you more than life. 

New things with my body this week....
boobs leaking like crazy
Low cramping pain in my left side.  Had this with Caleb starting about now.