Tuesday, October 5, 2010

14 Months

Caleb turned 14 whole months yesterday!! Wow!! Each month literally knocks me off of my feet when I think about how fast time in flying.  I mean I thought that the one year point was rough, but each month after that is just tearing me up inside.  My baby is growing up WAY TO FAST!! However, as I say each month this is my new favorite age (tantrums and all). 

Caleb what you are up to at 14 months:

Sleeping: You are still sleeping through the night, and you are a great sleeper.  I really love you so much for this. You have started a new trick that is so adorable that it just makes me want to eat you up.  At night time after your milk and bath I ask you if you are ready to go night night. You always look at me and dada and start down the hall to your room.  If the door is closed you will knock on it, and once you are in you will go to your crib and reach your arms up.  You immediately lay your head down while I cover you up and say your prayers.  Sooo adorable! I know that this is a true blessing.  You are still taking 1-2 naps a day.  A lot of times just one 2 hour one. 

Eating:  You still love to eat.  You eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, and you have 2-3 snack times in between.  You have a sippy of milk when you first wake up, and right before you go to bed.  You are still acting like a vegetarian.  You will eat pork though (bacon, sausage, peperoni).  You have sippy's of water through out the day, and a little juice diluted with water if you are constipated. You love love love crackers, and anything you can feed yourself. 
Size: You are wearing 12-18-24 month clothing.  Your 12 month jeans are to short, but your 18 month are to long, so we are at an awkward stage.  You are wearing a size 4 shoe.  Not sure about your height and weight this month. You are looking longer and leaner though. 

Exciting New Things:
You are such a FLIRT! Anytime you see a girl you give her this "look", and slowly move closer. As seen in the above picture.
 You are now obsessed with Dada. You say his name all day.  You point out the window and say "dada" you knock on the front door and say "dada", and you point at his pictures.  If dada leaves it breaks your heart, and you scream! It is breaking dada's heart as well.  You love to play with dada and squeal with delight when he comes home.
You still come to me if you are hurt or tired.
You love to play by yourself at parks now. Instead of me placing you on different things at the park I now follow you and watch you play.
You play with other kids at the park.
You are walking everywhere, and you are becoming so independent.
You do not like to be held or confined and you will throw a tantrum if we try to keep you in one place.
You hate shopping
You can point to your head
You sign "more" and "all done" when you feel like it.
You wave all the time now
You can say "Tony" you always say "ney"
You still love Bella!
You try to pick up really heavy stuff and carry it.
You like construction tools.  The hair dryer still terrifies you, but you will sit and watch dada do construction with loud tools any day.
You love to play outside.
You love to throw the ball to Sydney.
You love to brush your teeth, and you want to do it all by yourself.  After your bath you point to the medicine cabinet and squeal for me to get your toothbrush out.
Opening and shutting cabinets is the new cool thing, and you love magnets
You still bark at everything, but we have not got you to make another animal sound yet.
You hold up one finger if we ask you how old you are.
Still not a huge talker, but we are working on that.
You love to talk on the phone.
You had your first hair cut
You now have 4 teeth
You have discovered your tee tee.  It is your new favorite toy in the bath.  Such a man already!

I love you so much my little 14-month-old boy!! More than you will ever know. 


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