Monday, May 3, 2010

How Am I Sure?

I have been asked a few times in life how I know God is real.  I have always had the same answer.  I would simply reply "It is not something that I can explain to you.  However, if you open yourself up to meeting God he will reveal himself to you and you will just know".  "It is a feeling and a love like I can not explain.  It is a peace like no other"
However, I know that this explanation probably travels through one ear and out the other, because it is nothing concrete.  It is nothing I can point to and say this is God. It is  just a feeling that a person has, a true meaningful, real feeling that God is real and that he is there for you. 

Thinking on this I think I have come up with the perfect explanation to explain a relationship with God, and it comes from the birth of my son.   All throughout life you hear of this "unexplainable, forever love" that a parent has for a child.  Lets just call it "parent love".  However, until you yourself have a child you will never fully understand it.  You can learn about children, play with children, love children, but will never know that "parent love" until you become a parent yourself.  I always think back on childhood when my dad would tell me "he loves me more".  I would simply reply "no I love you more".  However, now I know that he really did love me more, because he has a parent love for me that I could no understand at the time. He could try to explain that to me at the time, but I would never fully understand it until I myself felt it.   

I think back on my experience with Caleb.  I knew that I wanted children, I knew that I would love my children, but I never understood what they love would be like until it was my reality. 

I knew I loved Caleb when he was in my stomach

However, there was no love like the moment I first saw him.

That love is not a love you can describe, unless you are speaking to someone who has been through it.  It is a love like no other, a love that appeared at that particular moment in time, and at that moment you knew the "parent love" that you had heard about your entire life.  You knew that you would love that baby beyond words for as long as you were alive.

This is like my God experience.  This is how I know God is real.  When I opened myself up to him and allowed him to work in my life he revealed himself to me.  It was a life changing moment like none that I could ever explain.  I just knew that he was God, that he loved me, and that he was 100% real. 

I have no physical evidence to prove it, I do not have all the answers to the scientific questions, however, I do have a God who is holding me.  He is holding me like I did my baby, and he is loving me like I did Caleb at the moment of his birth.

His love is never ending just a like a parents, his love is undescribable just like a parents, and he is soo soo soo real just like a "parents love".

"See how much our heavenly Father loves us, for he allows us to be called his children, and we really are!" 1 John  3:1Photobucket

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Tiffany said...

What a great post. We're actually talking about this in SS right now. How you defend your faith to those that don't believe in a concrete way. It's definitely challenging. Thanks for sharing your heart!