Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Da Dress Up, Da Box Da Air Mattress

Confused?? Yea, I know my title does not make sense.  All in all it was my way to try to cram together my weekend without using the all famous "Weekend Recap" title....

Friday night I went to my in-laws to fix my sister-in-laws hair for her 8th grade dance.  She looked adorable, and Caleb truly enjoyed her little purse.  He held it for seriously ten minutes.

Afterward Hubby, Caleb and I decided to have a sleepover at the new home we will be moving into in the next few weeks.  We are renting a three bedroom home with a huge yard for Syd to run in, and the owner was gracious enough to allow us to start moving things in before our actual lease date begins June 1st.  She understood that it would be awful to live out of boxes with a baby scooting around.  We went over, and cleaned a little and played games.  It was a great time.  However, Caleb was not too used to the idea of sleeping in his pack-n-play in his new room.  The sound machine that we brought from home was not enough to make him comfortable. All in all he ended up on the air mattress with us for most of the night, and neither hubby or I slept too much in the fear that we would roll on him and kill him. 

(Please ignore the siding. That is currently taking up the living room until it is put up). 

Dress Up Check
Air Mattress Check

I am so corny with this post yall'.  My living room in filled with boxes right now. I mean like an entire side.  My view when I walk in the door is a pile of boxes. I despise moving, but since we are still renting it is a  must do.  Hubby and I have lived in 6 different places so far in our 4 years together.  Ughhh.  One day we will finally purchase a home but until then I will suck up the fact that I hate moving.  At least we will be in this new home for 2 years!

Random Da??

Caleb said DaDa last night. I missed it because I was at work.  However, Nick was feeding him dinner and he just said dada plain as day. I am sad I missed it, but so excited that hubby got to hear it for the first time. 

Hope you all had a great weekend.

 (Sorry Commonwealther's I have no good pics of Caleb from this weekend. I will be sure to take some today and post tomorrow.  I know you need to see his pretty little face :) ). 


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