Tuesday, May 4, 2010

9 Months

Caleb you are nine months old today.  Wow.  nine whole months.  I have been saying all week how crazy that is.  I mean nine months as a pregnant lady felt like FOREVER, and I have literally blinked my eye, and here you are.  You are my little nine month man.  You seem more and more like a big boy every day, and less and less like my little baby.  It is so exciting and yet bittersweet to watch you grow, because I want to hold onto these moments forever. I want to always have you be my little baby who lights up when I walk into a room, who reaches for me to hold, who tries to crawl in my lap while on the floor, and who I am able to hold and snuggle and kiss.  I want to always remember who you were at this point in your life, and to cherish every moment that the future might bring.  I love you so so so much my little man. 

At 9 Months you are.....

Sleeping: Not much has changed here.  You are still a great sleeper.  You take 3 naps a day.  Two 1 1/2 hour naps and one 2 hour nap.  You turn into a cranky pants if you do not get your mid day nap (12-2), and your schedule is then messed up for the rest of the day. You still sleep through the night.  You generally go to bed at 9 pm if I am not working, and about 10 if I am working.  You wake up around 8-8:30 every morning. You are still a complete belly/side sleeper, and you now move all over your bed.  I always find you in the cutest positions.  Your favorite place is the bottom of the bed and then you turn yourself sideways.  You a basically squished between the two bumpers, but you seem to feel comfortable.  To let you know it is nap time I now play your little einsteins ipod for you when you lay down, and you just stare at the lights.  You also have a few toys in your bed that you play with to help you fall asleep/keep you company when you first wake up.  You are always shaking a rattle when I come into your room to get you out of bed.

Size: You are a BIG boy.  Well you have basically been big since 2 months, but this month you are really big! You weigh 21 lbs 5 ounces!!! Sometimes when I am trying to pick you up off the floor, I have to lift and sit you back down to get you in just the right position to pick you up.  You are about all mama can handle.  It is a huge challenge to stand up from the floor with you in my arms.  You are wearing anywhere from 9 month-12 month clothing.  We have a few 6-9 rompers that still fit, but they will not for much longer.  You are wearing a size 2 shoe (your feet are little for such a big boy), but you like to pull your shoes off.  You are wearing a size 4 in Pampers 12 hours.   You have the cutest little roles all over your body, and I just love your little muffin top that hangs over your diaper.  You definitely are my little chunky monkey!

Eating: First of all lets just say that you still love love love to eat!!! We finally got you back on track to taking your formula, and you are taking about 25 ounces a day.  Yesterday I just started giving table food to you for most of your meals, and you LOVE it.  You had been eating bites of table food all along, but now it is going to be a lot of your diet. You have had turkey, bananas, pears, toast, and cheese so far. You are still taking about 2 jars of baby food a day give or take.  You actually ate baby oatmeal cereal by itself this morning for the first time since you were 4 months! It was a miracle. You used to clinge your little mouth together and turn away, but this morning you seemed to like it.  You always say "mmmmm" after your bites and sometimes if I say yay you will clap for yourself.  You are good a feeding yourself as well. You have the pincer grasp down, and you will work those fingers until you get the food in your mouth.  So far you only feed yourself with you left hand (I wonder if that is a sign?).  You still take 4 bottles a day, and we have been trying to get you to take your sippy more.  You love to drink water out of it, but you so far have not finished your formula from it.  We will keep working on that.  You always feed yourself your bottle.  You are really hard to hold when you are eating from your bottle because you move around A LOT.  Usually I lay you in your boppy on the couch while you are eating and I sit next to you and rub your head. 

right after you ate your first table food meal

Exciting New Things:
  • You are so so so close to crawling.  You get up on all fours and rock back and forth.  However, you have a little stanky leg that either sticks straight out or gets stuck under you.  If it is stuck under you, the once you get it out you fall on your belly.  You can push yourself back up, but so far you have only crawled backward.
  • You are not crawling yet, but you get where you wanna go.  You scoot yourself either on your but, or around in a circle on your belly to get places.  You also roll to get where you wanna go as well.
  • You always scoot up to my legs when we are playing on the ground, and you push up on your knees while holding onto my legs.  It is so cute.
  • You do not like to be held for long on our laps in the floor.  You generally roll off our laps to get where you wanna go.
  • You love love love to stand.  We go from sit, stand, sit, stand over and over in a day.  It makes mama tired.  We have been practicing walking your feet.  You just look at my like I am silly and laugh.
  • You can pull up on the coffee table if you go from my lap first. You are still working on pulling yourself up all the way from the ground.
  • You love love love books.  You always pick your books to play with, and you turn the pages.  I walked into your room one day to get you out of bed, and you are laying on your tummy, with your legs in the air crossed, and you are turning the pages to your book.  You looked so grown up that it melted my heart.
  • You still love to figure out how toys work.  You will sit for a long time and play with them.
  • Unfortunately, you have been diagnosed with indoor allergies. I think I have it pinpointed down to Syd, so when we move next month she will be a permanent outside doggie.
  • You still roll over on me when I am changing your diaper, you usually cry, and you hate to get dressed now.  It is kind of humerous.
  • You sit like a big boy in the bath tub now, and you love love love to play with your duckies.
  • You have developed hard core separation anxiety.  You will no longer stay in the gym nursery or the church nursery.  We tried on Sunday, and we got through 1 1/2 songs at church before your number was flashing on the screen.  I think I am going to start volunteering in the nursery to get you used to it again.  I like that you want me around, but at the same time I know you have to learn to be independent as well.
  • You started clapping this month and saying your own distorted version of "yay".  It is more like "ayyy", and you only say it on rare occassions, however, you clap all the time.  You will clap if we say "Yay".
  • You said "Hi" this month and started waving.  However, you have not waved or said hi in about 2 weeks now :) haha, but I do have it on video to prove you said it.  Hi was your FIRST word.  You said it at Hillbilly Days in the park, and you melted your mama's heart. 
  • You do love to say your favorite word over and over again "baaa baaa baa baaa".  You have no idea what it means, but it is sure fun to say. 
  • You give high and low fives!
  • You still have a very calm temper, and you are soo chill. 

    "I love mommy this much"

This month has been an exciting one.  I am so blessed to have you in my life little man, and I love you more and more every day! I believe that you are going to grow to be such an amazing and loving man, and I am so excited to see what the future will bring. 

"What is faith? It is the confident assurance that what we hope for is going to happen. It is the evidence of things we cannot yet see." Hebrews 11:1


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PinkLouLou said...

Precious! look at those eyes!!

Beth P. said...

What a sweet post! Happy 9 months Caleb!

Meant to be a mom said...

Awe what a great update. He's getting so big and sounds like such a great fun blessing to your lives.
Happy 9 months little man :)