Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm Stronger than my MaMa

First of all let me say happy Cinco de Mayo aka Margarita drinking day.  We all know Mama G's love for strawberry margaritas!! Yum.  Hubster and I plan to cook some mexican fajitas tonight and drink some margaritas, after our stroll in the park that is.  I hope to get some good pics of Caleb!!

Today has been BEAUTIFUL!!!! We had originally planned to lay out at the new house we are renting and let the little ones play in the pool today, but plans changed, and we decided to go on a walk instead.  The walk was fun but I am regreting not laying out because it is so gorgeous outside.  Sighhhhh....Maybe tomorrow?? Hopefully it is pretty!

Caleb had his 9 month appointment this morning.  Hubby came with us because they had mentioned they had to do blood work at this appointment, and I am NO GOOD with that.  However, the infamous blood work ended up being a prick on the finger, and Caleb just stared at the nurse like she was a crazy lady.  He maybe wimpered one time. I think he was more upset at us for holding the kleenex on his finger to catch the blood.  Definitely braver than me.  Much to my surprise he had no shots today.  He was all up to date on his vaccines and will not have another one until he is ONE YEAR.  It amazes me that we are that close to the one year mark :*(. 

He checked out great.  He is in the 75th percentile for weight, the 50th for height and between the 50-75th for head cir. The doc estimates that if he stays in the 50th percentile for height that he will end up being between 5'10"-5'11" when he grows up.  That is about average for guys in my family.  He was also exactly where he needed to be in all developmental catagories.

The only bad news that we got is that it looks like he has 4 teeth coming in all at once.  Two bottom and two top.  He has zero teeth as of yet, but it looks like the teething process is going to hit us hard.  The doctor said he thought they would probably start poking through within the next 3-4 weeks.  I am anticipating some hard days in our future :(. 

dada and him at the appointment

random pics from the last few weeks



Bri :-) said...

Okay, I am Brianna. I am pretty young, like REALLY young. I'm not old enough to have a kid, and I probably won't until I'm 25! Well, I hope to wait till then. Yeah, I LOVE reading your blog, because I have a nephew that lives with us, as in me and my family. He's a little fire cracker!! His mom isn't quite a good mom yet, so we have him until she's a good mom. She takes him for daily visits now, instead of once-every-two-monthes vists. She has a REALLY messed up boyfriend. I don't know why I'm telling you all this, but I don't really have anyone else to talk to. And don't think of me as a little-lonely-dosen't-have-a-friend-in-the-world girl. I talked to my mom, and she says that Harley, my nephew, is going back to his mom's soon. At least she's doing better than she used to be, but DON'T get me started on THAT. I know alot of things for my age, and I think it's to much for my own good. Harley's been with us ever since he was a newborn. I know that, once you master one stage, you're moving on to another. Yeah, too smart for my own good. But, I guess it was a good thing, too. I WILL NOT HAVE A BABY FOR A LONG TIME. Ha ha! Well, hope you visit my blog and comment on one of my posts, replying to this. Thanks for listening!
♥ Brianna ♥

Bri :-) said...

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Ashley said...

I just love his eyes! :)
Maybe he willdo good with teething. Kaidence has two on bottom, and cut 4 on top this week and she has been great! I just give her teething tablets before bed and she's good!
Hopefully it wont be too bad for Caleb, either!

Jennifer said...

I am a new follower and a new blogger, if I ready your intro right you lost 2 babies? I did also, and am now a mommy to 4 and expecting our 5th!

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