Thursday, September 17, 2009

The World is Sooo Exciting!!

Let me tell you a story about a little guy named Caleb. Caleb was born August 4th 2009 and is now 6 weeks old.  Up until this six week mark Caleb has loved loved loved to sleep. In fact there were various days when his mommy would have to wake him up to eat, and would maybe see his beautiful blue eyes for two hours total in a day.  However, times have now changed. Caleb is soo interested in the world now that he has nothing to do with this thing called sleep.  Despite all of his mommy and daddy's "tricks" to try to get him to nap, he always finds some way to stay awake.  If he is laying on Daddy's chest then he....
...holds his head up and looks around so not to be put to sleep by the sound of daddy's beating heart.  If you put him in his swing he now keeps his eyes open and watches the bird and frog hanging above.
  In fact Caleb was so fascinated by this world yesterday that after he awoke at 11 am...he did not sleep more than an hour until he went to bed at 11 pm.  1 hour people!!! Yesterday was actually the first cranky day that Caleb has had in his 6 weeks on Earth.  He broke down at mommy's doctors appointment, he broke down while getting flea medicine, and he broke down while in the insurance office (where we are still trying to get Caleb's card!) ughh.  Anyway, once Caleb and his mommy arrived home his momma put him straight to bed, but he had a binky in his mouth! BIG MISTAKE! Every time he would dose off he would loose his binky and begin SCREAMING! His momma refused to give it back and he cried and cried and screamed and screamed and no napping occured!! His momma then decided to go ahead and feed him in the hopes that it would help him sleep! NOPE he just ate and looked around and decided it was time to play!! You see the thing is Caleb knows that he is cute and he has his momma wrapped.  His mommy tried to cuddle him and get him to sleep!! NOPE! After daddy arrived home we went to the grocery store which is a VERY BORING place.  No sleeping for little Caleb though through the trips up and down various aisles.  NOPE he just looked around at the different sites.  No sleeping while mommy and daddy ate dinner.  No sleeping while cuddling on the couch with daddy.  Mommy ran some bath water and put Caleb in the bath with her.  No sleeping while cuddled on mommy's chest in the warm bath. Nope Caleb just kicked and smiled, and pooped (Yes pooped in the tub with him and mommy both in it!! hilarious!).  Finally after the bath when it was time to eat his biggest meal of the day (well usually)....all swaddled his pj's....all clean....Caleb slept!!! In fact he was sleeping so good that this was the result (only 2 ounces ate).  Mommy kept waking him until he finished and then he was out!!!! This world is just to exciting to sleep :). 
I love my little man and I love to see those big blue eyes :)
Also Caleb's Autie Randi came to visit the other day.  We took their first picture together since I had forgotten the other times!! Caleb loves his Autie Randi!!


The Lutz Family said...

I missed out on your Mighty Monday challenge because the baby was fussy when I read that one... i'm sure you understand :) But figured since both our babies pooped in the tub last night I'd just leave my comment here! I love reading your blog and relating back to all of your stories. I feels like forever a go too me even though it was only a year! Enjoy it... i know everyone says it... but it truly does fly by! It is killing me to see all the fall clothes coming out and knowing I can't buy the little baby ones anymore :( I have a big boy on my hands now!

Carrie said...

Hey- thanks for your comment on my blog! I don't have a signing book that I use, sorry. I taught preschool for many years and taught simple sign language and also took a sl class in college.

Parker and Caleb have the same "daddy's allstar" bib. Cute!

As for pooping in the tub...been there, done that. Grosses me out every time and someday I hope that he will quit it!

Cute picture of your sister and Caleb :)

Abby said...

Six weeks?! Already?!

He's looking so alert these days - and growing so big!

PS. I'll be looking for you at Tarjay!

Duet Diva said...

I have seen that you have been following along for a while now and just wanted to thank you for being a "faithful" over at When A Duet Becomes A Trio. Your little man is simply precious! Isnt being a mommy the best?

Marisa and John said...

Haha! I loved your story and your blog. It's so nice to read about how we all share similar experiences. Caleb is absolutely beautiful!