Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mighty Monday with a Challenge

Happy Monday all.  I hope you had an amazing weekend. 

I might have had an amazing weekend with my little family.  Saturday we might of had visitors and then spent some time with a couple of friends.

Sunday we might have attended a great church service, and then traveled to the park for a picnic and family photo shoot.  I might have been soo happy sitting on a blanket with my hubby and baby boy and enjoying the beautiful weather while we ate.  Taking pictures might have been so much fun as well. 

We might plan to take more pictures at the park throughout Caleb's infancy. 

Caleb might have slept through the entire photo shoot until the very end.  Despite our efforts to wake him. He might just be a little sleeping beauty in the pictures though.

After the photo shoot Caleb and I might have attended his very first baby shower.  The shower is in honor of his soon to be girlfriend Isabel and her momma Taylor.  Caleb might have slept through the entire thing, and did not even wake up to let me know it was time to eat.  (I might have realized it was time to feed him and hour and a half late) oops...
Caleb might have SELF SOOTHED himself to sleep last night and tonight both.  Last night with a little less crying than tonight, but it seems to be working.  YAY!
I might have gone back to work for the first time tonight.  It might have been okay, but hard to leave my little one.  I might be planning on only going back to work 2-3 nights a week. 
Working tonight might have proved to me that I am super dee dooper out of shape.  My thighs are killing me from walking. It's a good thing though. I need to tone up that floppy baby belly leftovers I have going on. 

I might have been reading Kelly's blog the other day and been inspired.  For her 1000th post she had everyone who reads her blog leave a comment.  I am soo curious to see who all reads my blog.  Soo...I would like to challenge you to leave me a comment as well.  You can comment on whatever you want.  I am soo excited to see the response so please don't let me down! :)

I might hope that you all have an amazing week!!


Blake's Momma said...

You look AMAZING! I looked at all of your pictures on Facebook. I only wish my husband was patient enough to do a picture day. Are you back to work at the Greyhound? I love that place!

Keep up the good work, Caleb is precious.

Lea Liz said...

Hey girl.. of course I read:) You look great! You're already back to work? where at? It seems so early, did the dr approve? lol

Carrie B said...

I also read Kelly's Korner and my chin about hit the floor when she said that she hit her 1000th post. I just looked and my posts and I am at number 31. 31! Such a small, little number compared to 1000. Oh well. I have to give my self a little credit...I did just start blogging in April or May of this year.

Yeah for self soothing :) Way to stick it out.

Sorry you have to go back to work already...but happy that it will only be for 2-3 days a week!

Love all the new pictures from your last post. You and your husband have great personalities.

The Gardella's said...

Aww girls thanks for your concern about me working :). It was actually my choice to go back a couple of days a week. I didn't have to but I just wanted to in order to help out my hubby a little bit. It is only going to be on Monday and Tuesday nights though. I'm all good heath wise.

Abby said...

One of these days we're going to run into each other! I know it!

Caleb is getting so big! I loved the photo shoot. Fun :)

The Gardella's said...

I know I was thinking the same thing. You need to come to Greyhound on a Monday or Tuesday night :).

Lyr said...

I read it and love it! ;) Thanks for YOUR comment on my last blog post; I love that I have bloggy friends who encourage me!

The Dimino's said...

Caleb is just precious!! Love reading your blog!

Lindsay said...

So glad the self-soothing is working! Good job mommy!

NancyRG said...