Monday, September 21, 2009

Let's Give You Something to Smile About!!!

Okay, so if that face doesn't make you smile then I do not know what will! I know that Caleb, Nick and I along with many fans in the Big Blue Nation were smiling from ear to ear after KY beat Louisville for the third year in a row on Saturday!! It was a great time!! Nick and I had big plans to take Caleb to tailgate at Commonwealth Stadium, and we had planned to meet up with one of my former Merrick customers at his tailgate that morning.  However, due to the early tailgate time and the cold weather and traffic we missed tailgating pre game. Instead we got Caleb ready, and took lots of pictures and then headed to a restauraunt with a bunch of friends to watch the game. After the game we spent time we hung out at one of our friends house, and then we went and saw some more friends that were having people over after the game. Basically we got to show Caleb off to lots and lots of friends we hadn't seen in a while.  However, I was a little paranoid about flu season and wiped Caleb off repeatedly throughout the day :).  Sunday we spent time hanging out with my dad and little sis, and my dad went on a shopping spree for Caleb at the Carters store in Lex.  Thanks dad.  Also, my dad and sister are hardcore Louisville fans (I know crazy right)? Anyway, my dad surprised us when he came in with a baby wildcat bib, UK binkys, and then later on in the day he bought Caleb two UK bottles.  He said he would respect our decision to raise him as a Wildcat fan until he is old enough to know better haha. Here are some pictures for your enjoyment. 

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