Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Some Fall Finds

This past weekend Caleb's Papaw decided to go on a shopping spree for his little man.  We ventured into the Carters store in Lexington because I really wanted to go there, and we found a few outfits for him for the colder months.  We bought everything in size 3 months since he is still wearing newborn sizes.  I can't wait until he can fit into them.  Thanks Dad!


Lea Liz said...

Love all of the outfits, soo cute!!

I love the Carter's store!! I go crazy everytime I go in there because there stuff is so cute, soft, and so reasonably priced!!!

Lyr said...

OH my word, these are so stinking cute! So makes me want to have another one. And I wouldn't care if i had another boy!!!

Ashlee McCrary said...

oh those are precious!! i love the baby blue colors!