Monday, September 7, 2009

Mighty Monday

Happy Labor Day all! I hope that you have had an amazing and relaxing holiday weekend.  A lot might have happened to the Gardella family this weekend.  I might just have to tell you about it....
We might have traveled to Lexington this weekend to show Caleb off and to meet baby Ashton.
Ashton and momma might have come home on Sunday and both are doing well.
Ashton and Caleb might be almost exactly the same size.  Ashton might just be a little more chunky and Caleb might be just a little longer.  They might just grow up to be best friends.
We might have stayed at Aunti K's apartment, and she might have started her new job this weekend. 
On Saturday night we might have hung out with a bunch of friends at Charlie Browns.  We then might have gone to our friends house (on a very safe family street).  When we came out of our friends house that night to go back to Auntie K's apartment we might have discovered that someone had punched out our driver side window!! Nothing was stolen and therefore I might think it was a drunk college guy who was mad about something and decided to punch whatever he could find.  Since it is soo cool to punch things when you are angry, and that seems to be a typical drunk, angry, college guy reaction.
Hubby and our friend might have spent time Sunday morning vacuming out our car. Insurance might not be able to fix it until tomorrow because of the holiday weekend, and therefore we might have had to drive all the way back to Northern Kentucky without a window.  I might have bought a hat for Caleb, and dressed him like it was winter because I was afraid the wind would make him sick. 
The Cats might have won this weekend!!!!
Caleb might have his five week check up tomorrow. I might be excited to see how much he weighs. 
We might have had an amazing time in Lex (despite the window situation), and I can not wait to go back on the 19th for the Louisville Kentucky game!! GO CATS. 

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Lyr said...

These pictures are so cute!! Seriously… SO CUTE!