Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fishing With Pa

Sorry we have been MIA this week.  My kids have come down with hand foot and mouth, we have been rearranging our house, painting and planning for a small trip.  It has been wild to say the least.  I really wanted to remember to do this post while the memory is fresh.  It is a little dated, but completely and totally something I always want to remember. 

As I stated in a previous post Caleb was gifted a fishing pole in his Easter basket from Meemaw and Pa.  My in laws have a pond in their backyard, and Caleb has always loved to watch Pa fish from it.  After much anticipation, he is finally big enough to join in the fun. 

After the egg hunt on Easter my father in law took Caleb down to the pond to fish.  Nick wanted to join but Caleb said "No just me and Pa!!".  So, we were left to watch from a distance.  While fishing Caleb caught 2 fish.  My father in law said that he was not too keen on touching the fish...that made me smile..he is SOO my child.  After they caught the fish and he posed for a picture they threw the fish back in.  Caleb told me he caught 2 blue fish and that they "threwww them real far in the wawerr". 

My father in law got these awesome shots of him, and I am so thankful for them.

I hid across the pond and tried to get a few shots of my own.

My little fisherman is so big :). 

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Bethany said...

Thats definitely a wonderful memory for him and your FIL!! :)