Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Morning

We had a wonderful Easter.  As always I took a million pictures and I have a thousand things about the day that I want to remember.  With that being said I am breaking our Easter festivities into separate posts. 

Easter morning the kids awoke to a trail of eggs leading to their basket.  I just did a big combined basket this year from the Bunny since Mckinlee is still so young.  My kids are blessed with more than they will ever need, and I could not justify buying a bunch of junk just to fill 2 baskets.  Caleb was thrilled with the egg trail.  I swear the basket could have been filled only with Easter eggs and he would have been happy.  Each kid had a note from the Easter Bunny himself, and they enjoyed playing with the toys within the basket. 

Caleb was all about his chocolate bunny and kept saying "I eat my bunny ear",  which was a line from his favorite Easter book.  Mckinlee loved feasting on M&M's and watching her big bro.  Caleb participated in his very own Easter egg hunt, and he was diving around our house and running as fast as he could to find the eggs.  Such a little competitor. 

Nick then filled the squirt guns that Caleb received in his basket with water, and he and Caleb had a huge squirt gun fight.  They were running all over the house, and Caleb was hiding behind doors just poking his gun out and shooting water.  He was drenched by the time they were finished.  So cute.

After all the fun activities we had to rush to get ready for church.  Caleb stayed in the nursery and Mckinlee joined us for the service.  The service was great, but little miss was wild!

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