Monday, April 30, 2012

Taking In Caleb

Last night was a moment in time that I will never forget.  If I could bottle up one memory from Caleb's life thus far, and keep it forever it would have been last night.

Last night did not begin any different.  We went though the chaos of dinner, baths, brush teeth, put Kinlee to bed, and then Nick and I took Caleb to his room to read books.  It was then that the wonderful memory began.  We started out by reading a Dr. Seuss classic, and with Caleb talking to us about how he has blue eyes.  He then snuggled up to Nick with his arm around his neck, and just held Nick close to what seemed like forever.  Out of the silence we then heard a sweet little whisper that said "love you".  I think both of our hearts melted at that moment.  My sweet little man was laying there holding his daddy, and his sweet tiny hands were patting his daddy's back.  He had refused to wear a shirt to bed, and for some reason that made him seem all the more baby to me.  I couldn't help but reflect on the tiny back rolls that have been present from birth, and literally almost burst with love for this little man that God has trusted me with. 

In the midst of my reflection Caleb rolled over and pulled us both into lay on his chest. He kissed both our heads and said "love you".  He then said "lay on your pillows now" :).  I always kiss him and tell him he is perfect all of the time.  Generally he does not want to me to give him kisses so he immediately pushes me away and screams "I'm not perfect!" haha, however last night he pulled us in, kissed us and said "you're perfect"! Melt my heart!!!

We literally laid there for over and hour snuggling, kissing, fighting off cow kisses and laughing with our little man.  Our sweet baby who is less and less a baby with each and every day and more and more a little boy. Our sweet guy who we have so many hopes and dreams for, and who taught us to love in a way we never knew existed.

 Oh sweet Caleb, you are becoming such a perfect little man.  My prayer is that you will always keep that sweetness, compassion and love that you showed your father and I last night.  Hold tight to those gifts from God sweet boy, and use them throughout life to better his kingdom.  You really will be a Prince Charming one day, but for now I will take in every kiss, snuggle and laugh I can get from you.  I love you more than life my monk!


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