Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mckinlee's Actual Birthday Celebration

Monday was bundle's actual birthday.  I was so excited that both hubby and I were able to take the day off to celebrate with her. I love celebrating my children's big day. I know that at this point in time they are too young to understand it, but I love to make them feel as special as possible on their special day. 

Monday night Nick and I had some special one on one cuddle time with Mckinlee at midnight.  We allowed her to play in our bed, we sang happy birthday, and we just took in every cute face and snuggle she had to give. 

The next morning she woke up early, we sang happy birthday again, I nursed her, and then she snuggled into me and fell asleep.  This never happens! She has never been a good snuggle in bed baby.  I was so thrilled though, and we all slept in snuggling until 10.  We then got up, rushed to get ready, and we headed to the children's museum.

Once we arrived at the museum we had lunch, and then we attended a movie in the Omnimax Theatre. The omnimax is basically a movie theatre with a screen that encirlces you, and it makes you feel as though you are actually a part of the movie. The movie of choice was "Train Ride Through the Rocky Mountains". We knew Caleb would love it, and he did. He was so excited. He would say "Me ride BIG Choo Choo".

Once the omnimax was finished we headed downstairs to the children's area.  Caleb and Mckinlee both really enjoyed themselves. It is so cute to see how much they change each time we go back. Caleb was so much more independent, and Mckinlee was actually able to take part in a lot of the activities this time.  Caleb was also able to feed fish and turtles, and to my surprise he reached right out and took a live worm from the worker to feed the fish unlike my child. He really is turning more and more into a little boy every day. 

 (My smart boy sorted this all by himself!)

We stayed at the museum for most of the day, and then we headed home for dinner. Once we arrived home we were greeted with cupcakes from auntie K, and both Caleb and Mckinlee were able to enjoy one of their very own.

It was such a great first birthday with my sweet baby girl!

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