Thursday, February 16, 2012

Smash Cake

I just knew before Mckinlee's party that she would be the baby that would love her smash cake.  I searched the Internet far and wide looking for the exact backdrop, high chair decor etc., in order to make this moment of the party perfect.  I was in love when I came across an idea to place the baby on a table with fabric canopied behind them.  I knew that I must recreate it. 

I purchased and embroidery hoop and place a lace curtain panel (my mother in laws) on it.  I then had hubby place the embroidery hoop on the dining room chandelier. It turned out perfect.  I had the cakes placed on the table for decor before smash time, and then they were cleared off to make room for Mckinlee. Mckinlee loved her cake. She loved sharing it with everyone especially with her big bro.


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Lo said...

I'm so sad I missed this! Your fam is so beautiful!