Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mckinlee 1 year

Sweet girl, you are now a one year old!! I can't believe I am actually typing those words because this year has literally flown by in the blink of an eye.  You are no longer my little infant, but are now turning into a sweet, little, dramatic toddler.  You bring me so much joy and love every day, and I am so thankful to have my little one-year-old girl to snuggle in my arms.

Mckinlee at 1 Year

Sleeping:  You are back on schedule. This past week you were fighting your sleep like crazy.  I literally almost had a panic attack the day of your party because you would NOT nap.  You screamed, you fussed, you threw your binky out of the bed, and you did very little sleeping.  However, you are now napping like a pro and sleeping great at night once again.  You nap two times a day 10-11 and 1-3ish. You go to bed around 7:30/8 and sleep until about 8:30 am.

Eating:  You are still taking in 3 meals a day, and you  have at least 2 snack times.  You have an allergy to whole milk, and so we are going to try soy.  As of right now you are nursing 3-4 times a day for your milk consumption, but if soy milk works with your system we will start cutting back nursing sessions. I am debating whether or not I want to go ahead and wean, or if I want to let you nurse at least once a day for the remainder of winter.  I know the breast milk is so good for your immune system, and I am not sure that I am ready to take that away from you.  You however, weaned yourself from bottles. You refuse to take them now. You will drink out of a sippy, but will not take it if there is formula in it.

Size: You are still teeny.  I had you to the doctor a few weeks ago when you were sick and the scale said 16 lbs with your clothes on.  Today at your well check we stripped you to your diaper and you were 15 lbs and 13.5 ounces (5th%) and you were 27 3/4 inches (15%).  I asked the doctor if we should be concerned about your weight and he said no.  He said that it was just the clothes that made a difference with your weight your last 2 appointments. He basically verified what I have thought all along, you are just going to be petite like me.  You did grow 1 1/2 inches though, and he as very happy with that.  You are wearing anywhere from a size 3-6 month (shirts/dresses) to 12 months.  You have to have at least 9 month pants to fit you in length. You are wearing a size 2/3 shoe, and a size 2 diaper.

Speech:  You are saying mama, dada, Bella, bye, hi, and you have said more one time. 

Teeth: You have your bottom right tooth. 

Exciting New Things:
  • You took your first steps at your party, and the photographer caught them on camera! I can not wait to get them back!!
  • You are still crawling/cruising everywhere, but have not tried to walk yet.
  • You walk behind push toys
  • You hold a phone up to your ear and say "hi"
  • You always move your finger quickly over your lips to make the "bbbbb" sound.
  • You love to say Bella's name.
  • You have become even more of a mamas girl if that is even possible. I literally can not sit you down or get out of your sight for a minute without you fussing and crawling after me. 
  • You really are a dramatic girl, but I love that you know what you want and fight for it.
  • You have started going to people you recognize easier.
  • You love to play with daddy.
  • You love to chase Caleb.
  • You climb on everything!! I constantly have to monitor you because you find things to climb on that I never would have thought would be a danger.
  • You love to stand at the back door and look out.
  • Your cranky time of day is from 5-dinner time. I generally always have to cook dinner with you in the sling or on my hip.
  • You are moving to your big girl car seat this week rear facing still.
  • You know to go down steps and off the couch backwards.
  • You clap all the time, and you make the most adorable stinker/excited face.
  • You dance anytime music comes on.
  • You will not keep a bow in your hair or socks on your feet.
  • You have enough hair to stick a bow in now, but you always pull it out.
  • You celebrated your first birthday and had your first birthday party.  You were adorable with your smash cake (pics to come)
I love you so much sweet baby girl.  Happy Birthday!