Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Caleb 2 1/2

My big man is now 2 1/2 years old! Can you say crazy?? It is so hard for me to even begin to process how fast these last 2 1/2 years have flown by.  I have such a little character on my hands now.  He has his hilarious moments, his dramatic moments, his all boy moments, and his moments that make me want to rip my hair out, but I love him for all of them.

Caleb at 2 1/2 years old

Eating: You are PICKY!! I never would have guessed that my baby who used to eat anything and everything would be so picky. I am sure it is just a toddler thing but goodness.  You actually protest eating all together if there is something on your plate that you do not like.  Mealtimes can be a battle. I am torn between teaching you not to waste, wanting you to eat what we eat, and worrying that you will starve if I do not give you what you like. You could live off pizza. It has your heart. You also love yogurt, applesauce, chicken nuggets and fish sticks with ketchup, strawberries, cereal, and cereal bars.  You are still not a huge meat eater. 

Sleeping:  You are napping from 1-3 daily and go to bed around 9:30.  You love to have us "lay with you" to fall asleep now.  I admit I give in a lot because it is one of the only snuggle times I get throughout the day.  You wake up way more in the middle of the night now than you ever did when you were a baby.  You have to sleep with the light on, and you sleep in a full sized big boy bed now.

Speech: You are talking in full sentences now.  I know that I am the only one who can understand some of your words, but you have come so far in terms of communication. I am so proud of you, and boy you say the funniest things. 

Teeth: You are cutting your 2 year molars now.

Size: You are wearing 2T-3T.  You are in a weird size in pants right now. 2T is too short, but 3T is too long in jeans. Due to this you wear a bunch of comfy pants. I have no idea how much you weigh, but I know you have grown significantly in height. Size 7-9 shoe.

Exciting New Things:
  • I could write a book on the things that come out of your mouth. You keep me laughing, shaking my head in amazement, and praying that you never repeat certain stories in public. You have an imagination is all I can say.
  • You are hard core into the whiny stage. I'm not a fan of this at all.
  • You are still attached to your bink for sleep time and car rides...I really need to break that habit....really I do...ughh
  • You are completely potty trained, but you still wear a diaper for nap and bed time.
  • You always tell me your "booty stinks, I take bath" after dinner.  :)
  • You are obsessed with Blues Clues, and you interact with the screen now. You find the clues and answer Steve and Joe's questions. You do the blues clues dance, and try to draw the clues in your "motebook".
  • Your memory is amazing.  You have a picture on the fridge that you painted before Christmas. The other day you told me "I paint at Hudson's house with my hands.  We eat Pizza..me, Pres, and Hudson".  I can't believe you remembered that day so clearly.
  • You are a ham with the iphone camera. You always stick your tongue out.
  • You like to give cow kisses.
  • When you wake up in the morning you come out to the living room and say "My eyes open..me awake!".
  • You pray now and thank God for things.....SO CUTE!! You thank him for all your stuffed animals by name and your pillows before mommy or daddy :)
  • You love to go bye bye and always say "YAY" when we are leaving.
  • You love to have money...you still don't understand that when you spend your money on a toy it is gone.
  • You are obsessed with painting and anything arts and crafts.
  • You love to play outside.
  • You are still the best big brother ever.
  • You can be defiant at times, but for the most part you listen really well.
  • You love to play downstairs with K.
  • You love all things cars and choo choo's.
  • You know all your colors, most shapes and tons of letters.
  • You love to sort
  • You have zero interest in numbers or counting as of now.
  • You can write a L and O

Sweet boy I could go on and on about you. You are such a light and I love you so much. 

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The Morrows said...

You do a great job at documenting little things about him that you will be able to refer back to one day. I need to do better at this. He is a cutie!