Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mckinlee 8 Months

I can not even take in how fast time with my sweet itty bitty girl is flying by.  8 whole months. Seriously?  I still feel as though she should be a little newborn snuggled up in my arms, but yet she is only 4 short months away from turning 1.  8 MONTHS! I can hardly stand how fast it is flying by.  However, I love the little girl she is. I love her constant smiles, her loud squeals, her preference for me, and the way she crawls and cuddles up in my lap.  I love this age. I have loved it with both my babies, I just wish it would slow down.

Mckinlee at 8 Months:

Eating: You are nursing 5 times a day from one side each time.  You are eating solids 3-4 times a day.  In the morning you get a fruit mixed with cereal, and then every other meal you get both a fruit and veggie mixed with cereal.  You also LOVE table food.  You prefer it over purees, and you do great with it considering you do not have any teeth. So far you have tried banana, broccoli, cheerios, puffs, yogurt melts, crackers, cheese, and shredded chicken. Caleb was completely on table food by 10 months, and I think you may follow in his footsteps.  You always growl and fuss when we feed you baby food because you are really not a fan.  You still have to have veggies mixed with fruit to eat them (except sweet potatoes).

Sleeping: You are still a great sleeper. You sleep from 8:30-7:30ish, go down for a morning nap at 9-10:30, afternoon nap from 12:30-3, and sometimes a late nap from 5:30-6. You still sleep on your belly with your binky.

Size: You were 13 lbs as of last month and 25 1/2 inches. You have another weight check next Saturday. You can still wear 3 month shirts, You have to have 6 month pants in length but they are large around your belly.  So you range from 3, 3-6, and 6 month clothing.  You are getting some chunky thighs though :).

Speech: Nothing has changed and you have not said mama or baba again...so it may have been a fluke :). 

Exciting New Things:
  • You crawl everywhere!
  • You love to crawl up to my lap and pull yourself up to my chest and snuggle in.
  • You are pulling up on some objects.
  • You can stand and hold yourself up.
  • Your crib has been lowered, but you have not tried to pull yourself up in it yet.
  • You always sit up in bed now when you wake up and smile, squeal, and shake your arms when I come in to get you.
  • You love to make a gasping excitement sound. 
  • You think Caleb is hilarious and you always try to play with whatever he is playing with.
  • You put on a dramatic cry sometimes if Caleb barely touches you. We say you remind us of the baby in Look Who's Talking 2.
  • You always claw my face when I nurse you. 
  • You roll all over the place when we try to change your diaper.  You are more difficult than Caleb at times to change.
  • You love to pull your bows off now.
  • You laugh all the time. 
I love you so much sweet girl. 

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