Friday, October 14, 2011

Potty Training Update

Here we are, one full week into potty training, one full week of staying trapped in the house, and one full week of survival. I can officially say without hesitation that my child is 100% potty trained.....If he is NAKED from the waist down.  It is when we put any type of bottoms on that we have the problems.

From day one Caleb took very well to the three day method. He would run to the potty, say "pee potty", and use it.  He loves to flush it, say "bye pee", wash hands and have an M &M.  The only accidents we have had with the no pants method are in regards to him not really knowing how to push his little pee pee down yet.  Sometimes he is sitting on the potty saying "I pee", and the pee is flying all over the floor.  This I know is not his fault, and we just have to keep showing him how to push it down.  I still praise him for peeing on the potty even when this happens because he is after all. 

I have tried putting pants on him the last few days.  I have not put underwear on him yet, just loose fitting pajamas.  He had one poopy accident in his pj's yesterday, and one pee pee.  After nap yesterday he had no accidents in his pants, and he has had no accidents in his pants today.  While we were playing outside today he said "Mama pee potty", and I realized I had left his potty inside.  So, he got to pee like a man in the bushes for the very first time today, and O did he think he was big stuff. In fact he stood there for a good 15 minutes "peeing".  He is hilarious. 

We have ventured out 2 times this week, both yesterday.  I am still a little torn at what to do in regards to going out in public. This method says to never use pull ups because it can make them revert. However, he had an accident in his pants before we left for story time yesterday so I put a pull up on him.  I took our potty with us, and tried to get him to use it before we went in the library. His pull up was still dry, but he did not need to pee. We also tried to go to the kid potty in the library, but he was too scared. His pull up was still dry though.  So, I am still a little torn as to whether or not I want to risk him having an accident in public, or go with the pull ups. What has worked for you mamas? 

Our second outing yesterday was to meemaws house, and I allowed him to go pull up free. He just had jammie pants on for the car ride, and he had zero accidents on the way there or while we were there. 

I am super proud of the progress he has made so far.  I am still in a debate about pull ups/none and big boy undies/going commando.  The method also suggests that the underwear can cause them to revert at first. 
We are still using a pull up for nap and a diaper for bed, and I am sure sleep potty training is a while down the road.  

Tips I have so far (for those that have asked)
  1. If you decide to use the 3 day method do not push it. I never made Caleb sit on the potty. If he started to pee I would grab him, say hold it, and place him on the potty to finish. Even if he did not hold it to the potty, at least he understood that when he starts peeing he needs to sit on the potty. (This took maybe 3 times before he got it).
  2. Praise Praise Praise. Even if they miss the potty, or stand up before they are finished pooping and the poop falls on the floor (it has happened) still praise them for using the potty.
  3. Allow them to help clean up.  Toddlers love to flush the toilet, and flushing his business is a highlight for Caleb. 
  4. Stick to a routine (potty, flush, wash hands, treat).
  5. Provide a reward. This could be a sticker, candy, show etc. Caleb never gets candy except for when he uses the potty. I then provide him with 2 m&m's.  This is a big deal for him. He always exclaims "yay, pee potty, candy!". 
  6. Remind them to go to the potty when they need to pee pee throughout the day. 
I am no expert, and we are still at the beginning stages, but I hope this helped a little for those of you thinking of taking the leap.


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Vanessa said...

I dont know if you have a Walmart close but im sure you can get them off line. They are underwear that are thicker. Training pants....cotton and look and feel like underwear so they are trying underwear but dont make such a mess if they have an accident. :) They also have plastic underwear to put over regular underwear but I NEVER used one of those. Rilee wears underwear strictly now but for naps and what not she used the thick ones. They are cute too!