Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A First for 2011

This past Sunday we headed to our very first pumpkin patch of the season. This was Mckinlee's very first pumpkin patch, and it was also a first for our family of FOUR.  We met a few friends there as well and it was a great time. 

To start the experience off I of course had to have my children pose for pictures.  Of course in reference to children I mean Mckinlee because Caleb is so past posing. I have to trick him to get him to look at the camera and hope that I get a few good ones.  Little miss enjoyed sitting with the pumpkins just as much as her brother has in the past years. 

After the photo shoot we went to see the petting zoo. Caleb was not into this at all. He did not want the animals to come near him, and he was not into feeding them. The only animals he was fond of was the ducks and chickens.  He did proceed to bend down and quack at them. 

We then headed on a hayride out to the pumpkin farm. Caleb loved this, and kept calling the wagon a choo choo.  Everything is a choo choo in his little mind.  We were very excited to discover that they had a kiddie choo choo set up at the pumpkin farm. We of course took Caleb on a ride through the corn field in it. He was in heaven!

We also allowed Caleb to lead us once again through the corn maze this year. It did not take us quite as long to find our way out this time.  Pumpkin picking time was next, and Caleb had a great time picking pumpkins for every member of our family.

It was such a great experience, and I am looking forward to many more pumpkin patches this fall. 


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The Rogers Family said...

love the pics! she is precious! by the way, you look awesome!