Thursday, March 17, 2011

Toddler Fun Thursday

I have really been using the internet as my source of all things entertain Caleb.  I have found some wonderful ideas on various sites, and it has been exciting to watch Caleb play and learn.  I think on Thursdays I am going to post on a few of the activities we have tried and loved.

Last night I tried the Cooking Pot Puzzle activity, and he loved it.  Here is how you play
  1. Place your pots and lids infront of your toddler.
  2. Show him how he can remove/replace the lid.
  3. Allow him to try.
Caleb LOVED this activity.  We even threw in some balls to add a little extra.  He loved moving the balls from one pot to another, and removing/replacing the lids.  We were able to talk about large/small, and name the different colors of the balls to add some extra learning.

 This is another great idea I found online.  Caleb will eat almost every bite of his food if I place it in a muffin pan.

 Bundle enjoyed the activities as well. 



Michelle said...

I do the muffin tin thing too. :) Works wonders!!

Amelia said...

cute ideas!!

Meant to be a mom said...

These are great ideas, I'll definitely have to try them.