Friday, March 4, 2011

19 Months

Caleb, today you turned 19 months.  I can not get over how fast this past month has flown by.  I just reflected on your 18 month post that was written the night I went into labor.  I can not believe that you are a whole month older, and a big brother now.  I love you so much my sweet angel.  Watching you this month with your new sister has truly melted my heart into a million pieces a million times over.  The love that I have for your both is so beyond words that I can not even begin to describe it. I am so blessed to be your mother. 

At 19 months you are:

Sleeping:  The week that Mckinlee came home you regressed in terms of sleeping in your toddler bed.  After about 4 days of you failing to stay in your bed and go down for a nap we brought out the pack n play.  You are now on a set schedule for nap and bedtime, and I am going to start transitioning you slowly back into your toddler bed.  You go down for a nap around 12 and you generally sleep 2-3 hours.  You have started going to bed around 8-8:30 now and you sleep until around 8 am.  You still come in our room in the morning to drink your milk, but you are no longer big on snuggling, and you refuse to go back to sleep at that time.

Eating:  You eat ALL THE TIME.  No exaggeration.  You are always signing "more", running to the fridge or pantry and pointing at food.  You love to stand inside the fridge and pick what you want to eat or drink.  You eat at a big boy table, and you always sit in your chair, and put your feet up on the table.  Probably not the most polite thing, but definitely the cutest.  In the morning you always sit and eat your breakfast and watch a cartoon with dada while mama sleeps or feeds Mckinlee.  You drink your milk 2 times a day, and you have had a sippy of my breast milk this month and you loved it.

Size:  You are 26 lbs and 32 inches.  50% for both height and weight.  18-24 month clothing, size 4-5 shoe, and size 4 diapers.

Speech:  You have learned a few new words this month, your favorite being fish.  You are starting to try to mock us more, but most of your words are not clear as of yet.  You do however, sign more, all done, and hurt regularly.  Whenever you hurt yourself you run up to me doing the sign, and you point to what is hurt so I can kiss it. 

Exciting New Things:
  • You are a big brother now!! You love to hold Mckinlee, pat her back, and kiss her head.  You give her about a million slobbery kisses daily.
  • You have claimed the baby swing and bouncy seat as your own, and you will rarely share with Mckinlee. 
  • You try to give Mckinlee her binky when she is crying.  The other day she was in her car seat crying, and I was putting my shoes on.  You ran into my room with her binky crying, and starting running back to her.  It was like you were saying "Mama she is upset, take care of my baby".
  • You have a blankie that you cling to now. 
  • You love to give Bella kisses, and she is one of your favorite playmates now.
  • You actually play with other kids now.  It is so cute to watch. 
  • You love your tunnel, and it has taken permanent residence in my living room. If I try to fold it up you always bring it back out.  You love to play "That is my binky" with dada and  I in it.
  • You stand in your soccer chair, look out the window, and wave to dada when he leaves now.
  • You run to the coat closet and pull your own jacket out when I ask you if you wanna go bye bye now.
  • You try to undress yourself when it is time for bath.
  • You always try to put your mouth on my boob when I am feeding Mckinlee, and after I am done feeding you have to smack my boob for some reason. Not sure what that is about.  It is hilarious though.
  • You help me pump, and if I leave a pump piece laying around you put it on your boob like you are pumping.
  • You know all of your body parts excluding (chin, shoulder, knee, elbow, ankle). 
  • You have had 2 awful diaper rashes. One due to your antibiotic for pneumonia (magic butt cream cured that).  The second was from Huggies wipes.  You are for sure allergic to them, and they basically gave you a 1st degree burn on your butt.  We are treating if with polyosporin, but when we have to wipe you, you always sign hurt and cry.  It is so sad. 
  • I say this every month, but you seriously understand everything we say to you, and it is amazing.
  • You have a new laugh that is the funniest thing. You always bend down and cover your mouth with your hands when you do it.
  • You like to sit in the tub until the water runs out after bath, and then you like to clean the tub with your washcloth.
  • You play "Where is Caleb" a thousand times a day.
  • You love to color now. Mama or dada always has to color with you. You bring us a crayon (it is the only one we can use), and you tell us which seat to sit in.  You like to color with only the white or purple crayon, or the color wonders marker. You always lay your head on your arm when you are coloring, and it is so adorable.
  • You love to stack blocks.
  • We took you to an indoor water park last week, and you loved the water slides. You only wanted to go down the big kid water slide, and you had zero fear. 
  • You love to play air hockey at Meemaw's. 
  • You are still addicted to the binky, and I am okay with that. We will try to break it at 2.
  • You always pull at your diaper when you poo now.

You amaze me more and more every month little man.  I love you beyond words.