Thursday, August 5, 2010

Caleb Day, and my King

Yesterday was a celebration day for Caleb.  Auntie K, Taylor, Isabel and I took Caleb to the water park, and celebrated his big B-day with him. It was the hottest day of the year yesterday, so the water felt AMAZING.  We had so much fun playing. 

After the water park we celebrated at home with daddy.  I kind of made him a cake.  I baked one, and had big plans to decorate it all fancy. However, I knew there was really no point, so it is just basically a mess of orange icing. Again he had no interest in trying it.  Who knew my little man who loves to eat would be intimidated by cake?? Daddy and mommy both are not sweets people so maybe he is not either?

On another note my little man won FIRST place at the country fair beauty pageant!! He and Isabel bothe beat 40 babies each and took home to top price.  It was a last minute idea to enter him, and when I saw how many babies were there I did not think he had a chance.  He actually did nothing on stage but smile a little, and show off his standing skills.  However, I guess his blue eyes just won the judges over. Nick and I were so excited when he won.  I mean I know he is beautiful, but it always helps to know other people think he is as well. 

All cute before the contest
Daddy was so proud of him!! I just loved seeing the proudness come over his face when Caleb won!


Caleb with his prices.  A 100 dollar savings bond, and a gold ring!

Both the winners :) (They were both contestant #10)

The Little Queen herself. 



Abby said...

Aw, congrats Caleb! He is a cutey!

Amelia said...

So cute Sar! Miss you guys! Congrats Caleb!

Lea Liz said...

Congrats to Caleb, he is such a doll!!!