Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Splash on Over

I have soo many pictures of Caleb's b-day from Saturday.  I am going to split them into a few posts.  We had a Beach Monkey themed party, and it turned out wonderful.  I forgot to take pics of a few things, but I will just tell you about those :).  This first post is dedicated to decorations.

I need to take a few more pics of this banner my MIL made.  This picture does not do it justice due to the lighting.  It had funny little monkeys all over it, and I just loved it!!
The food tables were lined with grass skirts, and all the food was served in buckets with shovels for the spoons.  I had pictures of Caleb from his various trips to the beach in buckets filled with sand on the tables. 

The cakes were AMAZING!! My aunt, grammy and sister worked very hard to transform a stand up bear pan into a stand up monkey pan.  The bear pan was actually the pan used for my first b-day.
The big cake up close.
Caleb's cake up close.
Another wonderful banner made by my MIL.  It had all of Caleb's monthly monkey pics. 
Gift table. This was only half the presents he ended up getting.  This little guy is well loved. 
Beach balls hanging from the patio outside. 
The backyard was divided into different sections.  We had a slip-n-slide.
A beach area
A sand box

A baby area.  This pic does not do it justice either. There were two pools, and in the center was a blanket with a bunch of baby toys.  It was a great place for mamas and babes to hang out. 
I also had a photo area set up with a blow up monkey and funny props.  There was a bucket filled with disposable cameras for people to take pics with. I am excited to get those developed.
I did not get a pic of our front entrance. I had blue and yellow lanterns hanging and a table covered with beach towels. On the table was a photo book of Caleb's first year for people to sign.

I just love how everything turned out.  Lots more pictures to come!


Stephanie Hartman said...

I LOVE it it looks like you worked so hard at making it so beautiful and a fun time. It maked me wish I was there lol.

Lea Liz said...

The party looks great!!!!!! I love how you had a slip n slide area and a beach sand area, so cute!!!!! I can't believe he is one!!!!

Brit said...

The party looks Fab girl!

Brit said...

The party looks Fab girl!