Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Chapel of Love

This past weekend we traveled to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for a friends wedding.  Nick was one of the groomsmen, and we brought Caleb along with us.  While there Caleb fell in love with a little girl named Emma.  His face would light up when she came near, and he just LOVED when she would lean in and kiss him.  It was sooo stinkin adorable.  My little flirt :). 

He followed her all over tha dance floor. He seemed like such a big boy playing with her and her brother. When they would run back and forth, he would crawl after them laughing, and when they would sit, he would sit.  It was soooo cute!!!
A few more pics from the trip.

We said "Caleb smile", and he smiled right on demand. Soo big!!
His very first Mirror Maze.  Daddy used his stroller to help find the way out....Caleb didn't seem to mind.



Amelia said...

Such a little flirt ;) u r going to have ur hands full! : )

Shay said...

Cute! That huge rocking chair is cool.