Thursday, August 12, 2010

Slip-N-Slide Adventure of Caleb's 1st Birthday

This post is a little overdue, but one in which I have to share.  As you have previously read we had a slip-n-slide in our yard for Caleb's first birthday party.  We were so excited about having different water stations in the backyard, and we knew the slip-n-slide would be a hit!  During the party the adults and kiddos enjoyed riding down in, including Caleb.  Caleb would just laugh while he rode down on his daddy's lap. However, after the party was over, that is when the true slip-n-slide adventure began.

We had about 20 people stay after the party, and about 10-12 of them were slip-n-sliding. I have to admit I was JEALOUS! I had been looking forward to this adventure all summer, but I did not think it would be to safe for bundle so I sat it out.  However, it was so funny to watch. 

You may remember that we had a photo station set up with an inflatable monkey? Well, the inflatable monkey got a new job in the slip-n-slide adventure, and I have to admit it was quite hilarious.

All in all the slip-n-slide was one of the best aspects of the party.  We had about 6 people spend the night that night, and they were sliding until around 2 am.  My sis and I woke up the next morning and cooked everyone breakfast, and it was soo funny to listen to everyone complain about the bruises the slide gave them the night before. 


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