Thursday, November 26, 2009

Who Needs Turkey Anyway??

Caleb had a special treat for the night before his first Thanksgiving.  At first he HATED it, but towards the end he really started to love it. We are out of town visiting family for Thanksgiving so we had a crowd watching for Caleb's first bite :).  He is in no way shape or form the CENTER OF ATTENTION :).

The First Reaction

He had to drink about 4 ounces of formula before we tried again.

Daddy was the BEST at feeding him

Hey, what is this?


All cleaned up at the end!

Our happy FULL BABY BELLY family

** Just to note before comments come in discussing what age babies should be introduced to rice cereal.  Caleb is 1 1/2 weeks shy of 4 months, and I have discussed it with my doctor. He eats almost 8 ounces of milk every 4 hours and has been crying for it every 3. Therefore, it is obvious to us that he is hungry, and needed cereal introduced to him. 

Happy Thanksgiving ALL

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Meant to be a mom said...

Hah, I love those pictures. Too cute.
My doctor put our son on oatmeal cereal and he's only 2 months. Its to help his acid reflux and apparently the oatmeal helps with constipation. But most babies he said start on cereal around 4 months. I hear thats pretty normal. Cooper is much happier now with the cereal in his diet and he's not having such bad reflux.