Thursday, November 12, 2009

All Wrapped Up

Remember this?

 The perfect crib that a parent puts together before their little bundle of joy arrives. All equipped with matching blanket, bumper, sheet, bed skirt etc etc etc.  Well the "perfect" crib is not so perfect anymore. I mean I knew the day would come when Caleb would pee, throw up, poop etc in the crib, and I would have to remove the sheet/replace with new one etc etc etc. Well last night marked the night when the sheets would become dirty for the first time. We are using Target diapers with Caleb. I like them so far, but the sizing is a little off. The size 1 are to small, but the size 2 are a little to big. You have to position the tabs just right to keep them from leaking, and it is kind of getting annoying. I am thinking of purchasing Pampers again until he grows into the Target diapers. Anyways, back to the story at hand. I laid Caleb down to sleep in his cute 3-6 month monkey pj's. He laid ontop of a thick blanket to protect the sheets. However, when I got him out of bed this morning I discovered that he had leaked through his pj's, blanket, and sheets. Hubby removed the sheets for me while I cleaned Caleb up, and later in the morning I went to replace the bed with new sheets.  I knew it would probably be tricky with the bumper and all, but I had no idea how hard!

Attempt #1

Caleb sat playing with his toys, and would smile at me when I told him I was going to scream at his bed.

My look of distress.

Gave up on the blue sheet. Attempt #2

After pulling and tugging and tucking Attempt #2 finally worked.

The finished product. Not the perfect matchy matchy bedding that we started out with. Oh well. It is so funny how we have to have everything so perfect before baby arrives, because things definitely get destroyed or messed up quickly with a little one.

I have a feeling the bumper will be leaving soon. Caleb has a fascination with pushing his face directly up against it, and holding his breath. His movement alarm has caused me the wake up 5 times the last two nights. This saddens me because I feel as though the bumper brings the bedding together. However, I have to keep my little guy safe. Has anyone else had bumper face sleepers? If so, any advice? We use to allow him to sleep close to it, but I have started placing him in the center of the bed. He always scoots back to the edge though. Also, do you know of any cute crafty things that you can do to still incorporate the bumper into their room?

 Just for an announcement for myself. Caleb slept WITHOUT his swaddle blanket for the first time last night. He slept the whole night like it was no problem at all.  It was about time, because he was getting to large for it. YAY little one.


Meant to be a mom said...

Cooper is only 8 weeks old and we had to remove the bumper from his crib because even in his swaddle, even in his positioner, he would shimmy his way out of the positioner and edge himself towards the bumper. I was terrified he might suffocate. So off it came.

Also that pic is so sweet. His little sleeping self is precious.

Abby said...

I've gone back and forth on the bumper - in and then out, and then in and out. Right now it's out and will probably stay that way. I was afraid of entanglement since Beck's is way mobile.

Also, here's a trick: I always layer up the sheets in the crib with a plastic absorption pad between them. That way, when the middle of the night pee/puke/poop happens, I just have to rip the first sheet off and don't have to recover the bed in the middle of the night. It's been a lifesaver!

The Dorns said...

We got rid of the bumper for a few months because he pushed himelf up to it and the breathing alarm went off too. I recently put it back in at 6 months of age because he was hitting his face when practicing crawling in the crib at night that he got a black eye and all teh binkies were falling behind the crib and couldn't reach them.