Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lullaby and Goodnight

The time has come my dear bloggy friends. My baby boy is turning 3 months tommorrow, and he has officially moved to his OWN room.  Into his own big crib bed, with his own room sounds, and his very first night of sleeping with no one else around.  He and I both actually handled the transition better than I thought we would. I thought I would be up and down all night, running back and forth replacing his binky and staring at the monitor. However, we bathed my little man, lotioned and dressed him, and I rocked and fed him while Hubby set up his monitor. Hubby then held him until time for him to go to sleep, we laid him in his crib, turned out the lights, turned on the monitor, and shut the door. I had to go back in one time to replace binky (he has to have it to fall asleep, but after he is asleep it can fall out).  Hubby and I then ventured into our room, with no baby, turned on the monitor and fell asleep. Caleb did not wake up until 10 am this morning. However, around 7 am we had a scare. We have a movement monitor to monitor breathing. If there is no movement for 10-20 seconds an alarm goes off. Hubby and I were not sure what sensitivity to put the monitor at with the big crib matress, and therefore around 7 am the ALARM WENT OFF. I jumped out of bed and sprinted to the nursery only to find Caleb lying there breathing and sleeping. We adjusted the sensitivity, and hubby laughed about how he had never seen me run that fast :).  Caleb did so well in his big boy bed, and I am so proud of him for being such an independent little man. 

Nick rocking Caleb before bed

In his crib. He likes to be against the side of the bed when he sleeps.

Daddy proud of his little man for being so independent. Me happy for my little man but sad that his is growing up.

The other morning I walked in and found this. So sweet.


The Lutz Family said...

Enjoy that last picture of your boys sleeping together. I have a couple very similar ones of my boys (arm up and all)and now were lucky if he'll lay down in bed with us for even a second! Take lots of them because it'll be over before you know it!

Your from Kentucky right? We might wind up in Kentucky for baseball by the end of next season... if we were close it would be awesome to have some blogger friends... e-mail me and let me know what part if that is where your from! Danielle.Lutz@fmps.com

Meant to be a mom said...

Hah, I just love that last pic of him and daddy laying together. They are laying the same way. Too cute.
And the pic of your sad faces.
I would have absolutely freaked if that alarm went off for me. I'm glad everything was just fine and you were able to adjust it. I hope his transition keeps going smoothly. He sleeps such long periods. I wish I could get ours to do the same :)

Lea Liz said...

You go girl.. Brody is 10 months old and I have yet to put him in his crib, I just can't do it. I am so glad he did so good the first night!! Yay!! That would have scared me so much too!!!

Tiffany said...

As sad as it is you'll both sleep much better now and you and hubby can have more time to yourselves