Wednesday, November 4, 2009

3 is the Magic Number

My little man is three months old today. WOW! Time is flying by.  I have experienced so much with my little man already, and I am so excited about the time to come. He is growing growing growing before my eyes every day.  This month will be an eventful one. It will be his first Thanksgiving, and his first trip out of Kentucky.  We are heading to Charleston, SC and to Florida for Thanksgiving, and I am hoping that warm beaches will be there waiting. 
  • At 3 Months:
  • Eating: Eats every 4 hours.  You range 6-8 ounces at a time. Your bedtime feeding includes 3 scoops of cereal with your formula, and you gobbles it.
  • Sleeping: You are now sleeping in your crib. You generally sleep 10 hours at a time. You slept almost 14 hours the other day.  You usually wakes up after 10 hours of sleep, eat, and then falls back asleep for 1-2 more hours. You usually begin the day around 10:30-11 am. Throughout the day you still has random naps. No particular schedule as of yet. You still have to be swaddled every night, and have your binky to fall asleep.  
  • New found joys: You love your tummy time mat. You are just learning to swat at the hanging toys. You love to look in the mirror at yourself and will coo.  you also enjoys holding your rattle and kicking. You loves to cuddle and have your back patted, and bath time is your favorite time of day. Of course you are still obsessed with your mam binky. You love to roll from your belly to your back.  As soon as we lay you on your belly you will generally roll right back over.
  • Dislikes: You hate morning diaper changes. As soon as you wake up you wants to eat automatically.  You hate when we take the bottle out of your mouth to burp you. You will scream!!! I dislike that you spits up and/throw up all the time! I think you may have a little acid refulx :(
  • New Developments: Swatting at toys. Holding rattle. Laughing.  He has only laughed a few times, but it makes my heart smile! A pro at rolling from belly to back.  Discovery that Gripe Water almost always takes away hiccups.
  • Size: We are guessing you are 14 lbs. I weighed myself and then weighed you and there was a 14 lb difference. We are unsure as to how long you are as of right now. You are wearing anywhere from 0-3 month to 3-6 month clothes. You wear size 2 diapers!! You were in newborn diapers for so long, but you shot through size 1 diapers. We never had to buy a single pack of size ones!! We have just started you in the Target brand diapers, and so far I love them!!
  • Things that make us smile: When you smile/laugh at us.  You have finally started to coo and say "i goood".  It took you a while to start but it is so adorable.  We love how you rolls over from your belly as soon as we lay you down. I love how when I read to you and rock you that you will cuddle and fall asleep in my arms.  How calm you are. We can take you every where. We are blessed with such a perfect little man.
(layout of this post was copied from holding little hands)

Enjoy the pictures with the monkey. I tried to make Thanksgiving props!! You can laugh if you want I am not creative! I dressed him in swimming trunks since we are headed to the beach this month!


Tiffany said...

I think the props are cute! Wow he is getting big fast!

Millennium Housewife said...

Just beautiful - hold onto it, it goes so fast. Blink and you'll be waving him off to school...

Meant to be a mom said...

Hah, I love the props. Thats adorable. I love to see what he's doing on these special milestones. I'm interested to see what our son might or might not be doing then also.
By the way, His dog costume is absolutely preciouse, what a cutie dog.