Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm Happy When I Make New Friends

Come and play with me......(oh the tummy time mat music) :). Watch my little man!! He is so proud of himself when he makes the music start playing.

Last night I noticed a patch of red on Caleb's chin. I didn't really think anything of it. I just assumed he had rubbed it, or it was a little newborn acne re-appearing. However, this morning he woke up and the patch was bigger and was scaly and dry feeling. I hopped online, and diagnosed him with eczema.  The website said to contact the pediatrician, and so we made an appointment to go in and have them evaluate it today. Good news is he does not need any medicine or special ointment. They said to just watch it. It may be eczema and it may not. They said it was probably caused from spit up. The only sad thing they told me was to cut down the number of baths I give him during the week. I knew that you had to watch and not allow baby's skin to dry out during the winter. However, baths are a part of our nightly bedtime routine. She said to only bathe him every other day. Therefore, tonight will be the first night that we try to put him to bed without a bath. We are hoping that lotion, pj's, bottle will do okay for tonight. We shall see.  Caleb loves his bath time, and I am sad that it can't be the way he ends his day! However, I do not want his little skin to become to dry. 

Just because he was so cute!

What??? Tough Man face :)

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Katie@KeepinUpwiththeJones said...

Hey girl! I had a dream last night that we met in real life, ha ha : ) Anyway, when we heard you werent supposed to bathe every night,we decided to just put lotion on Ellie and change her into her pj's and give a bottle for her bedtime routine. I hated giving up the bath because its so relaxing for her, but she is doing fine without it! Good luck!

Kelly said...

What a cutie! Your little man is so cute! Congrats!

Elizabeth Taylor said...

Hey Sarah,
I only bathe Owen every other night and it works great, he loves his bath too!
Also he had some dry patches of skin pop up and i used the Aveeno baby lotion & baby wash for try skin and eczema and the spots were gone in 2 days and have never returned. I lather him from head to toe :).