Monday, November 9, 2009

P90-Whip My Bottom!!

Be prepared for a bunch of rambling!!

As I have said in previous posts, my body is NOT the way it used to be. Hubby and I have been saying for 2 weeks now that we were going to begin P90X. Well, tonight was the night. We took our before pictures (too disgusting to share), took our measurements (I'm soo much bigger than I used to be), starting weight (about the same) and began! The first work out was concentrated on upper body, push ups/pull ups/kick my bottom!! I have no upper body strength so this was a tough one. After an hour of that, you do 16 minutes of abs! FAST HARD ABS! I realized that my abs are shot after having little man! Definitely need improvement! All in all it was an awesome workout though, and hubby and I vowed that we will continue!! Keep me in check all! Caleb hung out in his bouncy watching us. It was cute because he would kick his arms and legs as we moved like he was trying to work out as well.

This weekend was mostly spent watching our new TV obsession, Weeds.  Great, hilarious, random show that our friends introduced us to. We have officially watched the first two seasons in 3 days.  Yesterday was Sydney girls 1st birthday! Nick took her to play with some bigger dogs and run while Caleb and I attended a baby shower.  She then got some new bones for her b-day, and her and Bella continue to fight over the same one.  Crazy girls.  Today, hubby, Caleb and I ventured to the doctor to get Caleb's roto virus and 2nd Hep. vaccine. The doctors office had told us to call the day we wanted to come in so that they could verify they had the vaccine avaliable that day. I called this morning and they said to bring him on in between 1 and 4. We went at 3 and they DID NOT have the 2nd Hep. vaccine!! UGHHH. Hubby took off work to watch them give him an oral vaccine! I was mad that they did not tell me that vaccine was not avaliable before we came in. So now I have to find another day next week to take him in.  Spliting up the shots has actually turned into a hassle!

As of tomorrow it will be 10 days until we leave for South Carolina and Florida!! Oh my how I can not wait!! I am so so so hoping that he beaches will still be warm! I can not wait to stop in SC and see Mealy and Dan! It has been to long, and it is about time Caleb meets them. 

Look at my big man holding his own bottle! Please ignore the hideous couch. Our slip cover was in the washing machine!!

Also, has anyone ever had any experience selling Avon or Mary Kay? I was thinking about trying it. Any advice?


Meant to be a mom said...

I hope you have fun on your trip.
That pic of Caleb holding his own bottle is adorable. What a big boy he is. Also I am with you 100 percent on the whole my body is nothing like it was before. I have some serious working out to do. I just don't have the motivation. Good for you, atleast your trying.

Dianne said...

Wow P90X, my husband does that! I tried a few of the workouts and ouch they burn!!!! Good Job!!

Also I sold AVON for like a month during student teaching. I can be great especially the disount you get (Christmas presents anyone). Just try not to "get high off your own supply" and buy too much stuff (Weeds reference!) Then it kind of defeats the purpose!!

It is pretty user friendly. Good Luck!