Monday, February 2, 2015

Super Random

Last night we celebrated the Super Bowl at our house with a few friends.  I will be 100% honest in saying I could care less about sports.  However, I do love the food, and the socialization aspect of Super Bowl.  So I basically talk, eat and ignore the game. 

Caleb however, is becoming a huge sports fan and that makes Nick so happy.  He was all about the Sea Hawks, and watched the Super Bowl pre game show on his own for over an hour.  He even woke Nick up yesterday morning just to ask him who won the UK game the night before.  Boy after his dads own heart right there.  This morning he was trying to talk to me about sports, he doesn't yet realize that I could care less.  If I have to listen to play by plays he is the one I want to hear it from though. 

"Mom, all of our teams are done playing until next fall except Kentucky.  I can't believe the "Sea Gulls" lost.  Man, I really hope Kentucky doesn't lose because then we will have no sports to watch" #wecanonlyhope

At least I still have Kinlee.  She could care less just like mama.  Speaking of that wild girl, she looked so sweet and loving last night when I checked on her before bed.  That girl can push my buttons throughout the day, but goodness watching her sleep brings so much love to my heart.  She is so perfect, and even though she is strong willed she keeps my life interesting.  She looked like such a little mama with her babies tucked beside her.  That is a good thing since she told me she wants to
'have 9 babies with 9 daddies in college". #sheisnevergoingtocollege

Tiny tot has a cold, despite my best efforts of keeping germs at bay.  He just has a runny nose, and is sleeping a little more than usual.  We are laying low at home today, and I am hoping he will be on the mend come morning.  His hair grows so fast, and he just got his second hair cut the other day.  It was challenging because he was all over the place, but it was funny at the same time.  He has also started for real crawling.  I think he started about 2 weeks ago.  He will for real crawl for a few strides and then go back to his army crawl because it is faster.  I have been enjoying my snuggles with him as of late.  His birthday is next week....I can not even believe that a year has already passed.  Time is so fleeting.....motherhood really is the happiest, and saddest experience ever. 

Mckinlee is also turning 4 this week!! FOUR!! I have 2 birthdays within a week of each other.  I might as well lock myself in the closet now, and get my crying out.  It seems like only yesterday she was turning one.


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