Thursday, February 19, 2015

Snow Days

This photo was taken on Sunday at church, the day before OCTAVIA hit.  We have been living in a winter wonderland since Monday.  I was really thinking we were going to escape any large snow storm this year, but we did not...and there is more snow coming this weekend.  I am ready to move South.  Anyway, we have not left our house since Sunday. 

School has been cancelled all week, roads have been bad, so we have had many lazy days at home.  Tuesday was my birthday.  We could not go anywhere so the kids and I had a mattress party in the living room, and watched old movies on Netflix.  3 Ninjas Kick Back was a big hit.  We cuddled, laughed, and were lazy all day.  It was not a glamorous birthday, but I enjoyed every minute with them.

We have ventured into the snow a few times.  Caleb has loved helping Nick shovel the driveway, Mckinlee has loved rolling in the snow, and Paxton has enjoyed the snow from indoors.  The kids and I walked to our neighborhood park yesterday while Nick stayed home with Paxton.  We went down the slides that were covered in snow, used the swings, played mother may I/race/red light green light, tried to build a snow man, and had so much fun.  We were all freezing by the time we got back indoors.

Speaking of indoors, I have ran out of ideas to keep the kids and myself entertained.  I can only clean so much with 3 kids trapped indoors.  The end of the day comes and it looks as though I have done nothing.  I have turned to Pinterest all week to keep us entertained, and most ideas have been a success. 

It is freezing out, but I think we may venture into the real world tomorrow.  The gym is calling my name.  I have to get out before the next storm hits, or I may go insane.  I love this time with my littles, but I think we would all benefit from some outside interaction. 


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