Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Case of the Monday's

This week has been very very low key, and honestly a little blah and stressful.  Paxton has had a cold so we have basically skipped all outside activities, except the kids school this week.  On top of that Nick has been working very late hours, so I have basically been a single mom.  That makes for long days.  I am also in the midst of trying to put the finishing touches on two birthday parties for this weekend, and I feel as though I am not getting anywhere.  I think I have a case of the Mondays that will not go away even though it is Wednesday.  We have some stresses weighing over my head, and I am just not in the best of moods.  I have been  turning to scripture for an attitude adjustment, and it is comforting.  I keep repeating, "if this is your biggest worry, then it is not a worry"....however, sometimes even the small worries have a way of taking hold of all of you.  Send out a prayer for me this week if you don't mind. 

The brighter side of my week has been watching my little cuties be, well, CUTE! Caleb and Mckinlee are currently obsessed with the show Master Chef Junior. They have been playing it for days.  They set Caleb's room up just like the show, complete with a pantry, work spaces, and plates/pots and pans divided.  They come into the living room in a line, ask me what they are going to cook, make me push a button on a watch and say "Your time starts now", and then they race off to cook.  They then bring me their dishes and explain what they have made.  Kinlee likes to put a bunch of food in a bowl and call it soup, Caleb on the other hand is very methodical with his dishes.  He brings them to me plated separately and explains each one.  He then nods his head at me, and says Thank You Chef.  The top bunk is their balcony where they watch the loser compete in the elimination competition...I mean they are just to much. 

I have given my sweet tiny a ton of snuggles in between fighting him in order to clean his nose.  Colds are no fun. Boogers are gross, and the combination is plain miserable.

Little miss celebrated her "fake birthday" at school yesterday.  We packed cookies for a birthday treat, the class sang to her, and she thought she was big stuff.  I am glad she felt celebrated, because she is amazing, and beautiful, and perfect and I can not believe she will be four on Friday.  #inserthystericalcrying

So, wish me luck as I try to finish up party details, nurse babies back to health, plan for company, and check my bad attitude at the door.  Remember, prayers are appreciated. 

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