Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mckinlee's Fourth Birthday

We celebrated Mckinlee's fourth birthday this past weekend.  The night before her actual birthday I asked her to a take a few pictures for me.  I wanted to document her last night as a three year old.  This girl is such a hard subject to get a photo of.  She is constantly bouncing, twirling, posing, jumping etc.  Most of the photos turned out blurry (per usual), but the ones I did get captured who she is at this fun age.  (Sidenote, she wants to be a Power Ranger when she grows up).

She awoke to balloons, and a decorated kitchen on her actual birthday. He doorframe was also covered in streamers.  I like to do small things like that to make them feel extra special on their birthday.  We served cinnamon rolls, and we sang Happy Birthday to her, and then she opened her present.  We got her a kindle, and she was so surprised.  I love her expressions. 

We celebrated the rest of the day at the Museum Center, and then the next day was party day.  We did not have an all out party this year, but we invited family and a few friends to go ice skating with us.  Mckinlee was totally into Frozen, and I thought that ice skating would be a great "frozen" activity.  We all had fun skating.  The kids held onto buckets to learn to skate, and they were all so cute.  Mckinlee didn't last as long as the rest of us, but she had fun.  Caleb was loving it, and he has asked me 100 times to go back already. 

After ice skating our guests came to our house for a breakfast dinner (per Mckinlee's request).  She played with friends, and opened her presents, and had a great time being celebrated.


At four years old you are so sassy and hilarious.  You literally keep me laughing, second guessing, and shaking my head daily.  You have such a personality.  You have more personality in your tiny little body, than I can even fathom having.  You are constantly making up songs and performing.  I love that about you!! You are such a girly girl, but you can play Power Rangers alongside Caleb just as well as any boy.  You love to read books and go to the library.  You love pre school.  You are learning so much from church, and you talk so sweetly about Jesus.  You are obsessed with "the egg show" on you tube, and love to watch it during quiet time.  You live on no sleep.  You are the last one of the kids to fall asleep, and the first one to wake up.  You think that as soon as the sun rises you are suppose to get out of bed.  We are working on that one.  That is not my favorite character trait that you possess.  I could go on and on about you sweet girl.  You hug me, kiss me and tell me you love me multiple times a day.  You are totally into the stage where you are fearful that Nick or I will leave you right now.  You do not get upset when  we say bye to you, but when you hug me you will say "I love you, and I want you to stay with me forever, and never go to jail".....haha.  I love you to pieces my little Princess.  You are perfect, you are strong, you are beautiful, and you are amazing.  I am so blessed to be your mom. 


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