Monday, January 26, 2015

Fun Family Days

We had the best weekend with the kids.  Saturday we ventured to one of our local YMCA's for a FREE family fun day.  We surprised the kids with an indoor water park adventure, and they were so excited.  We spent hours swimming, splashing in fountains, floating through the lazy river, and just enjoying time together.  It was a fun activity that we will be sure to do more often this winter.  It also made the children sleep so well, which is always a win in my book!
 I was so close to getting a picture of all of them looking at me.  So close......

Yesterday, Nick and I had a lunch date with the Hartke's and then we tried to go see American Sniper.  Unfortunately it was sold out.  We were all super bummed, and the sitter could not stay long enough for us to watch the later showing.  We decided to improvise, and the guys went to watch it first while us girls kept the kids.  When the guys got back Michelle and I went to watch it while they took care of the kids.  It worked out great, and we have vowed to do that more often.  The movie was amazing. Sad, patriotic, heartbreaking, is a must see. 

Today we awoke to a little bit of snow.  There wasn't much on the ground, but it was enough to keep us inside all day.  I swore we were going to the gym this morning, but it looked way too cold out, so we skipped.  Instead, the kids and I whipped up a fun sensory activity for their water table, and they spent hours playing with it.  (5 cups flour, 1 cup oil, and a few sprinkles of cinnamon- apple pie mix).  They made and "cooked" lots of apple pie cupcakes, added sprinkles, and blew out pretend candles.  I am sure after quiet time they will be right back at it. 


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