Wednesday, January 21, 2015


These past couple of weeks have been filled with us getting back into normal life.  Kids are going to school, moms group at church has started back, and I just started going back to the gym today.  It has been a great month so far, and it has even given us a few nice days of weather. 

Wednesday Mckinlee does not go to school, so we have made a new habit of going to the gym, and then heading to the library for story time.  Her and Paxton really enjoy the class that is offered on Wednesday mornings.  Paxton, is really becoming quite mobile and adventurous now, and he was all over the place this morning during class.  He was crawling up to kids, sitting with them, trying to pull up on random parents. I spent a lot of my time bringing him back to our seat.....#andsoitbegins.

It felt great to get back in the gym this morning.  I had put our membership on hold for 3 months to get us through traveling and the Holidays.  Despite my best effort I did not work out very much during those three months.  I felt how out of shape I am now this morning, but it felt good to make the effort to get back at it.  I am not focusing on losing weight. I would love to tone up, but mostly I am just focusing on creating a healthy lifestyle.  I want to be healthy for myself and my family. 

Paxton grew up over the weekend.  He went from barely pulling up, to pulling up on everything.  He also started walking behind his push walker, and has even taken his hands off to balance a couple of times.  He is also cruising all over the furniture.  He is still mostly army crawling, but this weekend he for real crawled a few times.  My baby :(. 

The kids really enjoyed getting out of the house and playing outside the past few days.  They rode their bikes non stop, and I think it was good for all of us to get a little vitamin D.

Nick and I enjoyed a fun date night, and I made sure to have some fun with my big man before we left.



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