Thursday, January 8, 2015

Christmas/New Years 2014

We had a nice, relaxing, loving holiday season this year.  The kids received more gifts than they knew what to do with, we had fun with family, and we had some amazing dinners.  It was Paxton's first Christmas as well, which is always such a sweet first. 

Christmas Eve morning after the kids woke up, we had a big Christmas breakfast at our home.  After breakfast we let them open the gifts from us.  We had told them in advance that they would only get a few small gifts from us since we had taken them to Disney.  They were perfectly fine with that, and were happy with what they received.  We mostly bought them board games, and art stuff.  We spent a few hours after gifts playing their new games with them.

After games we built a gingerbread house.  The kids had fun with this, but I think they enjoyed eating the candy more :).

We then got ready, and headed to our church Christmas Eve service.  The kids came to service with us, and had fun shaking glow sticks while hearing the Christmas story.

Christmas Eve night was spent with Nick's family.  We had a big family get together, and the kids put out the cookies and milk for Santa, and went to bed. 

Christmas morning they awoke to see what Santa brought them.  They each received the three gifts from Santa that they asked for.

After Santa gifts, they opened gifts from Nick's family, we had a big breakfast, and then spent the day together.  We played a lot of play dough and board games. 

My family came to celebrate a few days later.  We had a dinner at my house, and the kids enjoyed opening gifts from my family. 

New years was lazy.  We went to a friends house, in pj's and hung out until the ball dropped. We then headed home, and quickly went to  bed. 


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