Monday, April 28, 2014


This past weekend we traveled to my hometown for our towns annual festival. As usual we had a ton of fun, and thankfully the weather was pretty nice! 

We spent the weekend with my dad and Sherry, heading the tiki bar, visiting friends, enjoying the festival, and going to karaoke. It was a great time. 

Saturday was our big festival day. We watched the parade, and took the kids to the carnival. Kinlee is still so tiny, and that  kept her from riding a lot of rides. She was so upset, and it broke my heart. The rides she was able to get on, however, she really enjoyed. 

Saturday night we went to karaoke with my dad and Sherry at a country bar. We made a bet between us where we picked each other's songs, and none of us knew what our song would be until we were onstage. I picked "girls just want to have fun", and "oops I did it again" for my dad. Watching him sing and get into them was hilarious. He picked "I'm a little tea pot" for me haha.

Sunday we grilled out and the kids had an Easter egg hunt. Caleb was so funny lining up his egg finds. OCD to the max. 

It was a great weekend that ended all too fast. 

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