Monday, May 12, 2014

Mothers Day 2014

Today was a great day spent with my little family. I awoke to breakfast in bed, and pictures from the kids that they had drawn. Caleb's family picture cracked me up because he added a little something extra to his picture of me. 

After breakfast we worked on some home projects, and then we headed to the park to play in the creek. The kids love playing in the creek, and honestly so do Nick and I. 

After the park we headed to dinner at my in laws. 

Today was emotional for me as well. I missed my Grammy. Caleb saw a hole into the clouds today and he asked if Grammy was peeking through it. I like to think she is.....

Tonight I rocked Paxton and could not bring myself to put him down. This could quite possibly be my last Mother's Day with a teeny tiny baby. That reality hurts my heart. So instead of rushing bedtime
I put on some soft music, rocked back and forth, and stared at him. I stared at his ankle roles, his big ole lips, I listened to his sweet baby breathes, I held his little hand. They really do grow too fast, and sometimes I need to be still and savor who they are at this moment.

This Mother's Day my big man is a super hero lover. He is constantly fighting off bad guys, saving the world, and practicing his new moves. He is a lover of his baby brother and smothers him with thousands of kisses a day. He is my questioner, my logical mind, my sweet heart whom I love more than life itself. He tells me he loves me randomly throughout the day, still walks up to give me kisses without asking, and loves to snuggle.

My girl is hilarious, wild, carefree, ditsy, strong willed, a princess lover, and perfect. She keeps me on my toes. She simultaneously makes me laugh and want to pull my hair out in frustration. She does not like to be told no. She tells hilarious stories. She loves to snuggle like a baby. She calls me mom mom. She likes for me to make up songs at bedtime. She loves to dance and perform. She jokes about kissing boys in her class and laughs hysterically while doing so. She loves to love on people she cares about. She is perfect. 

My baby is chunky, cuddly, laid back and perfect. He rarely cries, he smiles at the sound of my voice, he will "I goo" you to death. I can't get enough of his sweet baby smell, his baby lips, his three necks, I swear I could eat him up.

I am thankful to God for everyday that I get to spend with these sweet blessings. 

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