Saturday, April 19, 2014

Shot Day

Today was shot day for Mr. P. Vaccines I am all for, but I hate that they have to cause pain to my baby. I forgot how emotional those first shots are for both mama and baby. My sweet boy spent the majority of the appointment before shots looking at me like this...

So innocent, with no idea of what was about to happen. I teared up as he laid on the table smiling at me as the nurse stuck him for the first time. He of course screamed, but only for like five seconds! That helped he and I get past the emotions quickly. 

He checked out great at his appointment. He was 11 lbs 10 oz-50%, 22 1/2 inches-25%, and his head cir. was 25%. His ear infection has cleared up as well.

Unfortunately, we had to do some
Shopping after the doctor instead of snuggling. (I totally forgot the kids were out of school on Friday for Good Friday, so today was my only day to Easter basket shop). I still need to find outfits for Caleb and Kinlee for Sunday, so I guess that will be done with kids in tow. 

After school we headed to a birthday party for a kid in Caleb's class. The kids had a blast jumping in the bounce house and making cupcakes. We finally got back home around 4:30, and the bigs are taking a much to late in the day nap.....I'm exhausted, Paxton is fussy from shots....I think dinner will be potluck style tonight because this mama is not cooking. 

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