Monday, April 22, 2013

HBD 2013

This past weekend we traveled to my hometown for HBD 2013.  It was fun as always! The kids really enjoyed the carnival this year.  Poor Mckinlee was only tall enough to ride 3 rides, but she loved riding them over and over. Caleb, unlike previous years, had no fear and rode everything.

After the first day at the carnival we visited a local restaurant and had some amazing ice cream.  Tangerine swirl for mama and daddy, and Superman cones for the kids.

Nick and I went out with some friends from high school one night and saw basically every one I have ever known....joys of a small town.  One of the last nights we took Caleb to the carnival after putting Kinlee to bed.  That was amazing. There were very few people there, we walked on all the rides, and they gave him extra laps.  No lines=happy kid and mama.

We spent the rest of the days visiting Papaw's and Grammy's, the tiki bar, and exploring down town.  The kids especially loved the parade, and  I swear they ate candy the entire time.  Mckinlee was biting through wrappers and all. She learned very quickly that all you had to do to get candy was wave and say "hey".

It was a great weekend that passed by all too quickly.  We are now home and back to reality.  Caleb's first t-ball practice is tonight.  I have to take him because Nick has a test....I'm praying this first practice goes more smoothly than his first basketball practice.

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