Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gymnastics Wednesday

Today has been busy busy busy.  I have spent every free moment doing laundry, packing bags, cleaning, and trying to get ready to head to my hometown for the weekend.  It's HBD's again!! Woo hoo! The kids and I took a break from the chaos of the house to attend gymnastics.  It was amazing today.  It was not crowded at all, and they had the equipment set up in such a cool way today.  The kids did not stop moving and running the entire hour we were there.

After gymnastics Caleb begged me to go to Frisch's, and since they still needed to eat lunch I gave in.  Lunch was great, and the kids acted wonderful!! Always a plus! I asked them for some pretty smiles and this is what I got......

Oh dear!

After lunch we headed for an oil change, and now I am back to packing, cleaning, and finishing up laundry.  I am excited for this weekend! Have a great rest of the week friends!


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