Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Condo Living

We just got back from a 2 week trip to Florida, and I am not happy to say that we are home.  There is just something about the beach that makes me all kinds of happy and giddy, and even though it is warm in our state this time of year, it is not the same.  Our trip was planned very last minute due to an amazing offer from Nick's grandparents.  They are Disney Vacation Club members, and they offered us some free nights at Disney...who can say no to that?  So, we took advantage of a vacation together as a family, and even though we will be living off of crackers and milk the rest of the month ;) we had a great time!

The first week we were there we stayed in a condo in St Augustine.  The condo was great, nothing too fancy, nothing to old/nasty, and it had a wonderful view of the pool.  Caleb told me that he wanted it to be his new house. It sure brings my big dreams of a larger home into perspective when my baby is thrilled with a 2 bedroom condo.  We arrived after a big storm, so the first couple of days we were there were rather chilly.  However, we threw a few coats on the kids, and enjoyed the beach despite the chilly weather.

One of the chilly nights I took the kids out to the beach after dinner. I threw some pjs on them, because they were the only long pants I had brought, packed their toys, and took advantage of the sunset lighting.  That moment was one to remember............That is a moment I will bottle up for all of time.

Luckily it warmed up very quickly, and the rest of our vacation we spent roasting in the sun.  We hopped from beach to pool, took breaks for naps, and then headed back out for more beach and pool time. My perfect idea of how to spend a vacation.

This little girl kept us and other guests laughing with her Mckinlee Performances.  When she is in the mood she will put on a show for anyone that is watching.

The kids were all about swimming in the pool, and thankfully it was heated!! Hallelujah! We purchased their floats at Wal Mart, and they worked perfectly.  I swear Caleb knows how to swim.  He is still just a little fearful of going without his float. My goal is to have him swimming by the end of the summer.

We went out a couple of nights while we were at the condo.  We took the kids mini golfing one night, and Caleb made a legit hole in one on the Pirate Ship hole.  Nick and I started cheering, and he looked at us in confusion and asked, "Where did my ball go?".  HAHA.

His grandparents came to visit one night, and took us out to dinner at a place called Saltwater Cowboys. Totally great! If you ever visit St. Augustine, it is a must eat restaurant.

The week came to an end, and we headed off to the next part of our vacation, Disney World.


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